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Cecilia’s Personal Materials

Fair Use and Research

Look-ups for Family History Researchers

By Cecilia Fabos-Becker

Under the ‘Fair Use‘ doctrine, it is not acceptable to copy and upload large parts of books or multi-volume series, for free public use when copywrited materials are still in print and available for purchase. However, many researchers, myself included, have copies of items from which they can do “look-ups” and send the result of look-ups to a person who makes a query by email.

I have many useful materials from which I can do look ups, such as: the 9 volume series of Kentucky Biographies, extracted from county histories and biographical series in the late 1880’s by Thomas V. Westerfield and edited and published in 1975, and four of the five volumes of indexes with a line to a paragraph about each item, of the Lyman Draper, late colonial, early U.S. historical records and biographies collection at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and books of Tennessee history, pedigrees and biographical materials. I also have the four volumes of a modern reprint of Rev. George Hill’s 1840’s work called Conquest of Ireland which has all the names in the original plantation grants in Ulster, and the 1628/9 census taken of Ulster–useful for helping trace Scots who settled in Ireland back through Ireland to Scotland.

I also have multiple files, some over an inch thick, of notes made from various materials, some rare and hard to find, on several families who were in the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. The families for which I have the most data are: Wallace, Woods (and some on Wood families), Fortner, Dunlap, Dark, Campbell, Kirk, Ross, Hays, Lemars/Lamars, some materials on Landrums, some materials on McCormicks, and some materials on Walkers.

Cecilia’s Library – Look-up Resources:

Here is a list of most of these items from which I can do look-ups for people–preferably friends, newsletter subscribers and above all donors to and sponsors of As finances permit and I find additional interesting, rare and useful print materials, I will acquire them. I try to focus on the pre-1850 U.S. and Irish records and biographical materials.

These are either still in print and being sold, or are too large to upload. Send me an email if you think you might have a family or individual in them and I will do a look-up from these materials. (CLICK HERE to email me).

The Irish Landed Gentry: When Cromwell came to Ireland by John O’Hart, 1887, George Healy, Storm. Printer, Dublin, Ireland

American Marriage Records Before 1699 by William Montgomery Clemens, 1984, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland

North and South Carolina Marriage Records, by William Montgomery Clemens, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1975

Background of a Bandit: The Ancestry of Jesse James by Joan M. Beamis, and William E. Pullen, 1981, Jesse James Publishers, Liberty, Missouri

Irish Families on the California Trail, by Michael C. O’Loughlin, Irish Genealogical Foundation, Kansas City, MO 2003. This is a compilation of the earliest documented mention/description of hundreds of families by surnames when they first appeared in California in various decades of the 1800’s, some before the Gold Rush. It gives names, dates and locations.

Draper Collection Calendar Series (four of the five volumes of indexes ever published to the Lyman Draper collection of original documents, correspondence, pedigrees, interviews, etc. of Late Colonial and early U.S. history of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, East Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio: vol. 1: “Preston and Virginia Papers,” vol. 2: “Kentucky Papers,” vol. 3: “Tennessee and King’s Mountain Papers,” and vol. 4: George Rogers Clark Papers,” by University of Wisconsin, Publications of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1915, reprinted by McDowell Publishing, Utica, Kentucky.

New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey, 1987, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland

Genealogies of Rhode Island Families vol’s. I and II, A-Wil, by Gary Boyd Roberts, 1989, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland (I don’t have volume III which covers Win-Z)

East Tennessee History (reprinted from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee, reorganized and indexed by Samuel McDowell in 1973, McDowell Publishing, Utica, Kentucky

Tennessee Cousins: a History of Tennessee People by Worth Ray, 1950, reprinted in 2004, by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland

Tennessee Genealogical Records: Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives by Edythe Rucker Whitley, 1981, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland

Rutherford County, Tennessee, Cemeteries vol. III, Southwest Third of the County, by Rutherford County S.A.R., Stones River Chapter, and Rutherford County Historical Society, 1975, Smyrna, Tennessee.

Rutherford County, Tennessee Historical Society Publications No. 12 and No. 14, Murfreesboro, Tennessee: (had articles on the John Taylor Lytle family, Kirks and Montgomery’s, the First Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro and early members, and an index to the wills of Rutherford County, 1802-1882)

Kentucky Genealogy and Biography (9 volumes) extracted from the 1870’s and 1880’s county and state histories and biographies by Thomas V. Westerfield, edited and published in 1975 by McDowell Publishing, Utica, Kentucky

Quaker Records of the Miami Valley of Ohio by Eileen Davis and Judith Ireton, 1980, McDowell Publishing, Utica, Kentucky

The Ridge Runners queries and genealogical data, most with some documents citations bound volumes of material from this magazine and another named “The Ozark Quarterly published in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Vol’s I-III, V-VIII (missing only vol. IV), compiled and published by William A. Yates, 1975-1977, Yates Publishing Co., Rifle, Colorado. This publication covered Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia, primarily.

The Wallace Collection: I and II (two volumes–group sheets and pedigrees with some documentation), and the Lamar Legacy by Ruth Lamar Petracek from 1978 to the late 1980’s, self-published, Santa Ana, California.

Highland Papers (two volumes of many covering some early genealogies and papers of Campbells and McKenzies), edited by J.R.N MacPhail, K.C., Publications of the Scottish History Society, first published in the magazine in the 1920’s up to 1933, reprinted, 1995, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, Maryland (MacPhaill and his researchers published transcripts of many original documents relating to these families and many others.)

Scots Colonists of Early America: 1612-1783, by David Dobson, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1999. This is a compilation of the earliest mentions or descriptions of Scots families who arrived in North America from original records found in various places, including the United Kingdom. It gives names, dates and locations and sometimes their origins in Scotland, and sometimes the ships on which they arrived.

Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations: 1650-1775, by David Dobson, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 2010. This is records of all the individuals who were judged rebel and transported after the several Scottish rebellions, including two Covenanter rebellions, and the Civil War between the Stuarts and Parliament. This compilation of records also includes some other individuals who were transported as criminals, rather than be executed or imprisoned for long periods of time. It gives names, dates, locations–sometimes where they were born or lived before their capture or arrest, ships on which they were transported and locations were they were unloaded. ‘Plantations in America’ generally means the mid Atlantic or southern colonies of New Jersey or Virginia or Maryland, unless otherwise specified. Jamaica is usually stated as Jamaica.

Scots on the Chesapeake: 1607-1830 (documented mentions of early Scottish settlers along or near the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac and James Rivers in Virginia, near the Bay in Maryland, and elsewhere in Virginia) by David Dobson, 1992 Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland

Scots-Irish Links: 1575-1725, Parts I and II, by David Dobson, 2002, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland (I also have Parts III and IV as an e-book).

The Scots-Irish in the Shenandoah Valley, by Billy Kennedy, 1996, (U.S. Printing) Emerald House Group, Inc., Greenville, South Carolina (also published in Northern Ireland)

The Scots-Irish in the Hills of Tennessee, by Billy Kennedy, 1996, (U.S. Printing) Emerald House Group, Inc., Greenville, South Carolina (also published in Northern Ireland)

Families of Ballyrashane: A District in Northern Ireland (covering part of the old County of Coleraine, now Derry, and part of County Antrim), by T.H. Mullin, 1969, News Letter Printing Co., Ltd., Belfast, Northern Ireland (some family genealogies and ordinance maps, etc. mostly material dating from 1740 and later, but some a little earlier)

The Conquest of Ireland (four volumes) by Rev. George Hill, originally in the 1840’s, reprinted in 2004 by the Irish Genealogical Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri (covers the Fall of the Native Irish Chiefs, the Plantations in Ulster, the English in Londonderry, and the 1628-9 special census of Ulster; many, many names connected with dates and places)

A History of Ulster by Jonathan Bardon, 1992 by the Blackstaff Press Ltd., Belfast, Northern Ireland (very detailed book–only slightly smaller and lighter than a hard-bound copy of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary)

The Twilight Lords (about the last native and Norman-Irish, lords of Ireland and the new incoming English lords under Elizabeth I), by Richard Berleth, 1978, Barnes and Noble, New York, NY, reprinted 1994.


Mostly Pre-1900 transcripts of records, documented pedigrees, etc. and emphasis on pre-1860: At least three overstuffed file drawers of files on BEEBES of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Illinois–and England; KIRKS of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois; HAYS of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky; DUNLAPS of Virginia and North and South Carolina–and Scotland; LAMARS/LEMARS of Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee; LANDRUMS of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia; CAMPBELLS of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and northern Alabama–and Ireland and Scotland; FORTNERS of South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky; MCCORMICKS (and at least six frequent variants in spelling) in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois; ROSS’s in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee–and Ireland; WALLACE’s of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri–and Ireland and Scotland; WOODS‘ (with an “s”–and some material on WOOD’s) of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, northern Alabama–and Ireland and England; (some material on) WALKER’s of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri; (some material on) RAMSEY’s of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio.