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Friday, 2019-10-18
Updates, Features, & Events

Hello AmeriCeltic Reader,


• Founders Tony Becker and Cecilia Fábos-Becker offer another Editorial on the new Brexit Deal, which finally treats the entire island of Ireland as a single, fully integrated economy. (See Below)


• From sunset on Thursday October 31st to sunset on Friday November 1st is the traditional day for Samhain/Samhuinn/Samhainn, the New Years celebrations established by the Celts thousands of years ago, and we still celebrate this annual event today as Hallowe’en. (See Below)
• Co-founder Cecilia Fábos-Becker offers a treatise on Using DNA tests to Help Find Ancestors. (See Below)


• Continuing on Friday, October 18th, legendary Santa Monica band Gaelic Storm’s tour proceeds in Reno, NV with Berkeley and Morro Bay, CA to follow. (See Below)
• Continuing on Friday, October 18th, 7:30 PM, Scottish supergroup Dàimh continue their tour with 9 more West Coast Cities. This week they will be in OR and Northern California. Click Here for the full schedule. (See Below)
• Continuing on Friday, October 18th, through Sunday, October 20th, its the West Coast’s Largest Irish Music Festival the 16th Annual Galway Bay Celtic Music Feis in Ocean Shores, WA. (See Below)
• On Friday, October 18th, The Celtic Tenors continute their tour of the West Coast at the Galway Bay Music Festival in Ocean Shores, WA followed by stops in Medford, OR, and Santa Cruz and Folsom, CA. (See Below)
• From Friday, October 17th — Saturday, November 2nd, Battlefield Band vets Alan Reid and Rob van Sante will give a dozen Concert stops throughout the West Coast. (See Below)
• On Friday October 18th, Saturday October 19th & Sunday October 20th, the 9th Annual Fairfax Irish Festival Of Music & Dance overruns the small town of Fairfax, CA, which, for the weekend, resembles a town in Ireland full of songs, tunes and dance. (See Below)
• On Friday October 18th, 8:00 PM the Young Dubliners Rock 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA, and on Saturday, October 19th at 7:00 PM, the Sutter Creek Theatre in Sutter Creek, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 19th, at 7:00 PM, Noctambule (Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor) plays at the Windsor Acoustic Guitar Series, in Santa Rosa, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 19th, at 8:00 AM, the Saint Andrew’s Society of Modesto reintroduces their annual Highland Games at the Fairgrounds in Turlock, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 19th, at 9:30 PM, its Culann’s Hounds with Reneé de la Prada and an opening show by Lee Corbie-Wells at the Fairfax Irish Festival in Fairfax, CA. (See Below)
• Continuing on Tuesdays, 22nd and 29th, 4:30 – 6:00 PM Learn Irish Sean-Nos Dance at Lilly Mac’s Irish Pub in a Family friendly introductory class environment in Sunnyvale, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday, October 25th, at 7:30 PM (Potluck at 6:30) Autumn Rhodes and Tim Hill with Richard Mandel will bring their Irish Traditional songs and tunes to the intimate setting of Cope-a-cabana in San José, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October, 26th, Noon-1:30 1 PM & Sunday, October, 27th, 11 AM – 6 PM comes the 11th Annual Sonora All Hallows Fantasy Faire, a Celtic Tradition in Sonora. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 26th, 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM, the 10th Annual El Cerrito Free Folk Festival, happens at El Cerrito High School in El Cerrito. (See Below)
Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter will perform in Eugene, OR on Saturday, October 26th, 3:00 PM, and in the coming weeks, continuing Crescent City, CA, and Gold Beach and North Bend, OR. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 26th, at 5 – 7 PM, Turlough O’Carolan meets Jonathan Swift, a new play by Anne Downs, premieres at The Lab in Carmel, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, October 26th at 8:00 PM Chris Maden continues the 31st Annual Sea Music Concert Series from the wooden decks of the historic 1886 sailing ship Balclutha at San Francisco, CA. (See Below)
• On Sunday, October 27th, at 5:00 PM, the Irish Literary and Historical Society presents a lecture featuring Irish American historian James T. Fisher speaking about Irish Americans in the construction of the Panama Canal, at the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco. (See Below)
• On Thursday, October 31st, at 7:30 PM, Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O’Leary begin a nine city tour of the West Coast in Berkeley, CA. (See Below)
• Tuesday, November 1st through Thursday, November 3rd, The Silicon Valley Pipe Band hosts their Piping and Drumming Workshops in Saratoga, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, November 9th, at 8:00 PM, Patsy O’Brien and Dick Hensold begin their tour of California in Pasadena, CA, and on Sunday, November 10th, 7:00 PM continue with a Concert on the Mountain, at Pippa Siersema’s place in Los Gatos followed by shows in Aptos, Berkeley Fort Bragg, Sebastopol, and Auburn, CA. (See Below)
• On Wednesday, November 20th, 7:00 PM, Men of Worth continue their fall tour in Fair Oaks, CA with more with stops in 9/22 in Ridgecrest, 9/23 in Carlsbad, and 9/24 Claremont, CA. (See Below)
• On Thursday, November 21st, at 7:00 PM, Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter begin a nine city tour of their show A Winters Gift concert in Mill Valley, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, November 23rd at 1:00 PM, the Daughters of Scotia, Kilwinning Lodge 203 will hold their Annual Kirkin’ O’ the Tartan at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Carmichael, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, November 30th, at 10 AM, Golden Bough begins a seven city holiday season tour of California, beginning in Sonora, CA. (See Below).
• On Saturday, November 30th, at 7:30 PM, the fabulously popular Winterdance Christmas Show kicks off in San José, CA. (See Below)

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• Co-Founder Cecilia Fábos-Becker’s e-book Ancestry & DNA: Beyond the basics, is available for download now! (See Below)
• Sport your Celtic heritage! AmeriCeltic offers a colorful array of items, each emblazoned with the AmeriCeltic logo. (See Below)
• Publican Carlos answers the many recent rumors about The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant with a New Video. (See Below)
Lark In The Morning is opening a new store location in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. Full service continues at their original shop in Berkeley, CA. (See Below)
The Plough and Stars, a SF Legacy Business, and THE place for Live Traditional Music in the inner Richmond district of San Francisco. (See Below)
The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, local Irish Pub bringing the culture of Ireland to downtown at 5th and Howard in San Francisco. (See Below)
Catherine Barry’s Irish Culture Bay Area, offers a succinct listing of Irish events around Bay Area. (See Below)


Scan our feature articles below, or as always, you can click here to check the full listings on our website.

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UK & Ireland

Editorial-Brexit Update 20191018

Here We Go Again…

By Cecilia Fábos-Becker and Tony Becker – Published 2019-10-18

On Thursday morning the United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the European Union, (EU) announced that they have reached a new withdrawal agreement. This new agreement provides for no customs checks on or near the Irish-Northern Irish border, eliminating the need for the ‘backstop’ in the prior proposal. Instead, there would be customs checks at all ports of entry in the North. The entire island (green line on the map) would stay in the European Customs Union, while Northern Ireland otherwise remains part of the UK (blue line on the map). The next step will happen tomorrow, Saturday, October 19th, in Westminster, as the Parliament of the UK votes on the new agreement.

One might think that these provisions would be acceptable to all parties except the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Not quite. There are still some hard line members of the UK’s Conservative Party (Tories) who don’t want Northern Ireland to have a separate relationship with the EU that the rest of the UK does not, despite the fact that the EU has been consistent in stating it intends to both uphold the Good Friday Agreement and, as at least two EU ministers stated today, also uphold the will of the majority of people in Northern Ireland–who voted to remain in the EU. This is even though the same people also voted for 10 DUP members to the UK Parliament, and only 8 to any other entities that signed the Good Friday Agreement.

Part of the problem is that the majority of Northern Irish people, themselves, seem to have a split personality when it comes to voting their will. The Northern Irish, themselves, need to make up their minds to consistently vote one way or another and recognize that, like the English and Welsh Conservatives they are not going to force the other remaining 27 members countries of the EU, representing 400 million persons, to allow the Northern Irish and the Conservatives to have their cake and eat it also.

Read More …



Hallowe’en: Samhain/Samhuinn/Samhainn

Spiorad na Samhna / Spirit of Samhain film

Did you know that the Celts, and in particular the Gaels, created Hallowe’en?

Know historically as Samhain (Irish Gaelic) / Samhuinn/Samhainn (Scottish Gaelic) / Sauin (Manx language), Celts marked the New Year by the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year, and occurs halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. According to the Celtic day, the festival is celebrated from sunset on October 31st to sunset on November 1st.

Spiorad na Samhna, (Spirit of Samhain), is a bi-lingual film about the Celtic origins of Halloween that won the Best Short Documentary Award at the 2015 Underground Film Festival in Cork, Ireland. The film traces origins of Halloween itself to the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain. It also traces the origins of Ireland’s biggest Halloween Carnival in Derry back to the troubled years of the 1980s.

CLICK HERE to view the film, Spiorad na Samhna.

In modern times, Irish people, Scottish people, Manx people, Celtic neopagans and druids, and Wiccans all celebrate this festival in the traditional way with bonfires, divination, guising/mumming, feasting and other traditional rituals.

In Sacramento, there are two Druid Samhain events:
On Sunday, October 27, 2018 at 4 PM – 7 PM, the Sierra Madrone Grove chapter of the Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) will have their event. Click Here to check out the details on Facebook
On Sunday, October 27, 2018 at 6:00 PM, sponsored by Sacramento Grove of the Oak, Inc., you are cordially invited to a quiet Samhain celebration at The Grove, 149 Loveland Way, Sacramento, 95838 (near Northgate and Highway 80 in North Natomas). Come spend an evening of conversation, contemplation, teaching, and envisioning in preparation for the Celtic New Year and high holy days of Samhain at. We will share a Heart Circle, honor the ancestors, and talk about our future plans as an earth honoring community of Paganus. Bring finger food to share if you can, an object for the Ancestor’s Altar that represents one of your beloved ancestors, and your vision for the future. But mostly bring your sacred self. Come, let us create the new year together. For more information email Druid Michael R. Gorman or call 916-640-7543.

In San Francisco, there is a combined event:
On Sunday October 27th, and again Sunday November 3rd at The First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St., San Francisco, in a UUSF tradition that combines elements of the popular Hallowe’en, Celtic Samhain and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Pagan Interest Circle hosts a bulletin board altar to honor our beloved dead and welcome the newly born in our congregation. Please bring pictures or names of family members, friends, or pets who have passed away, and names or photos of new babies born in the past year. This year’s altar will be decorated with the assistance of the children’s Art Exploration class and will be in the gallery outside Starr King Room after service. Questions?


Cousin So&So 2

Cousin So&So 1

Feature: Benefits and Pitfalls of DNA

Using DNA tests to Help Find Exact, Actual Ancestors

By Cecilia Fábos-Becker – Published 2019-10-18

In my e-book, Ancestry and DNA: Beyond the Basics, I discussed the potential of using DNA testing to narrow down document searches for actual ancestors. As is used in police cold-case research, DNA testing can be used to find common ancestors and thereby trace lines forward to find one’s cousins. This method not only narrows the geographic area of documents research, but the families being researched–reducing the field from unlimited numbers of wives in many states/colonies, to a few families’ females in a narrow geographic area. This works best with Y-DNA, father to son relationships but does work with autosomal relationships–ancestors and relatives from both parents of a researcher.  It is more difficult to use the autosomal DNA,  because the quantity of potential ancestors is greater.  Only autosomal DNA can be used, however, when you are comparing descendants of a male line and a female line. Then, it works most easily when people who get tested give some information about themselves to the data bases after they upload their DNA samples.

DNA matches help best when the subject uploads not just his/her DNA test results, but some clues about his/her family–and a means of contact. Here is a worse case example to illustrate these benefits–and pitfalls.

In fact this case is not the worst possible case – even worse would be a person with matching DNA who doesn’t list any email or other contact information, and isn’t easily found otherwise on the internet.

Hundreds of millions of Americans had emigrant ancestors in Ireland and the UK who arrived in what became the U.S. before the Revolution, and the subsequent ‘Dark Age.’ To find those ancestors, and to find where precisely they originated in Ireland and the UK, first a researcher has to get through the ‘Dark Age,’ the period of fewest records. DNA testing can help, but it’s not a quick magic bullet.

Read More …


Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm Tours West Coast

Multi-National Celtic Band of Titanic Fame

Gaelic Storm Shows

• October 9th, Seattle, WA, Tractor Tavern, Tickets
• October 10th, Bremerton, OR, Admiral Theatre, Tickets
• October 11th, Portland, OR, Revolution Hall, Tickets
• October 12th, Grants Pass, OR Rogue Theatre, Tickets
• October 14th, Sacramento, CA, Harlow’s, Tickets
• October 16th, Petaluma, CA, Mystic Theatre, Tickets
• October 17th, Oroville, CA, Feather Falls Casino & Lodge, Tickets

• October 18th, Reno, NV, Virginia Street Brewhouse, Tickets
• October 19th, Berkeley, CA, The Cornerstone, Tickets
• October 20th, Morro Bay, CA, The Siren, Tickets

After nearly two decades and more than 3,000 live shows, Gaelic Storm — the chart-topping, multi-national Celtic band — is looking sharper than ever with their latest release, Matching Sweaters. The new album mixes traditional Irish music with modern influences, creating a sound that’s as wide-ranging as the band’s own audience.

From bluegrass fans and country cowboys to Deadheads, rock & rollers and Celtic fanatics, Gaelic Storm has built one of the most diverse fan bases in modern music. Matching Sweaters helps explain the broad appeal. Rooted in the songwriting of founding members Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger, the album moves from drinking songs (“Another Stupid Drinking Song”) to energetic instrumentals (“The Narwhaling Cheesehead”) to rootsy pop/rockers (“Whiskeyed Up and Womaned Out”), gluing everything together with the spark and spirit of a band that’s spent close to 20 years on the road.

Those live shows date all the way back to the mid-1990s, when Gaelic Storm kicked off its career as a pub band in Santa Monica, California. By the end of the decade, the musicians had appeared in the blockbuster film “Titanic” (where they performed “Irish Party in Third Class“) and laid the groundwork for a career that would eventually find them topping the Billboard World Chart five times, making appearances at mainstream music festivals such as Summerfest, Telluride, and The Rock Boat Cruise, and regularly headlining the largest Irish Festivals across the country, all the while gaining a reputation as a genre-bending Irish band whose songs mix Celtic traditions with something new and unexpected. Now, with the band’s 20th anniversary on the horizon, they’re putting even more emphasis on those newer directions.



Daimh West Coast Tour

Daimh — West Coast Tour

• Friday, September 27th, 8:00 PM, San Jose, CA, Cope-A-Cabana House Concert, RSVP
• Saturday, September 28th – Sunday, September 29th, Grass Valley, CA, KVMR Celtic Festival
• Tuesday, October 8th, 7:30 PM, Ashland, OR, Grizzly Peak Winery
• Thursday, October 10th, 7:30 PM, Seattle, WA, Scottish Society Ceili Performance
• Friday, October 11th, 7:30 PM, Seattle, WA, Freemont Abbey Arts
• Saturday, October 12th, 7:30 PM, Mt Vernon, WA, Celtic Arts Concert
• Sunday, October 13th, 1:00 PM, Mt Vernon, WA, Celtic Arts Workshops
• Tuesday, October 15th – Thursday, October 17th, Ocean Shores, WA, Galway Bay Celtic Music Feis

• Friday, October 18th, 7:30 PM, Lincoln City, OR, Lincoln City Cultural Center
• Saturday, October 19th, 7:30 PM, Portland, OR, Sherwood Arts Center
• Sunday, October 20th, 7:00 PM, Corvallis, OR, Whiteside Theater
• Tuesday, October 22nd, 7:30 PM, Arcata, CA, House Concert
• Thursday, October 24th, 7:30 PM, Winters, CA, Palms Playhouse
• Friday, October 25th, 7:30 PM, Fort Bragg, CA, Oak & Thorn
• Saturday, October 26th, 7:30 PM, Santa Cruz, CA, Kuumbwa Jazz, Celtic Society of Monterey Bay
• Sunday, October 27th, 7:30 PM, Pacific Grove, CA, Saint Mary’s
• Wednesday, October 30th, 7:30 PM, Berkeley, CA, Freight & Salvage

Daimh – Gaelic Supergroup and un-challenged champions of straight in the eye Highland music are based around West Lochaber and the Isle of Skye. Formed around the turn of the century and taking the name from the Gaelic word for ‘kinship’ Daimh (pronounced Dive) have taken their contemporary take of Highland and Gaelic music to over 20 countries, setting audiences alight from Moscow to San Francisco.

Click for a video of Daimh doing Dhannsamaid le Ailean by Celtic Connections 2016.

With a reputation as giants of the Bagpipes and Fiddle, Angus Mackenzie leads the melodic powerhouse on bagpipes and whistles with fellow founder member Ross Martin underpinning the groove on the Guitar. The Band are joined by ‘new guy’ Murdo ‘Yogi’ Cameron on Mandola and Accordion and Alasdair White on fiddle to complete the instrumental line up. Dàimh have always had the renown and notoriety of working with some of the finest Gaelic singers in Scotland and the current line up only serves to cement that distinction with the addition of the Gaelic firmament’s most rapidly rising star, Ellen MacDonald on vocals.

Recent accolades include last year’s award for the ‘Best Folk Band in Europe’ at the prestigious Folkherbst competition in Germany and most recently winner of ‘Folk Band of the Year’ at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards. ‘Among the top groups in the world. Traditional, creative, and brilliant’ (

For more info, sights and sounds, visit


CMF 2019

16th Annual Galway Bay Celtic Music Feis!

West Coast’s Largest Irish Music Festival

3 venues, 6 stages, 30 bands – Ocean Shores, WA

We have reached a milestone with this being our 16th Anniversary and are excited to make this the best Feis ever, celebrating Irish songs, ballads, players and bands that will be flooding Ocean Shores, WA with music and fun for six days this October. Come tip a pint and kick up your heels.

This year the festival begins with an extra day, Monday – Ale House Only – Limited Access. The main Feis then kicks off at the pub the evening of Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 and lasts until Sunday, October 20th, 2019.

An eclectic mix of Irish bands, choirs and dancers hailing from throughout the United States, Canada and, of course, Ireland will be rounding out this year’s entertainment.

For Online Tickets, Click Here:

For more information and a schedule of the bands and events, Click Here:


Celtic Tenors

Celtic Tenors

The Celtic Tenors

Three unique solo voices
but when called upon – One Tenor Sound!

The charismatic, globe trotting trio are the most successful classical crossover act to emerge from Ireland. They just sing songs they love, and they most certainly don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s all about the music, the harmonies and the fun. The Celtic Tenors will perform songs such as Danny Boy, You Raise Me Up, Nessum Dorma, and other such favourites.

Click Here for The Celtic Tenors video, Forever Young from their album “Timeless”

With a polished international reputation and with over a million CDs sold world wide, The Celtic Tenors offer something truly unique. The skill, range and ability of world class tenors, combined with the personality and fun of genuine performers.

With The Celtic Tenors, you will get more than a performance from world class artists, you will enjoy an evening to savour, with a sparkling good humoured performance. Despite their success, they love what they do and don’t take themselves too seriously.

The Celtic Tenors website:

• Thursday, 17th October – Friday, 18th October, Various, Galway Bay Music Festival, Ocean Shores, WA, Tickets
• Sunday, 20th October, 7:00 PM, Craterian Performances, Medford, OR Tickets
• Tuesday, 22nd October, 8:00 PM, $45, Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA, Tickets
• Wednesday, 23rd October 2019 7:30 PM, Harris Center, Folsom, CA, Tickets


Alan Reid and Rob van Sante

Battlefield Band vets

October 17 – November 1 Tour

Alan Reid was a vital member of Scotland’s legendary folk group Battlefield Band from its inception in 1969 till his departure in 2010. The ‘Batties’ have been pre-eminent in Scottish music for decades, touring the world and recording 30+ albums. Their music has won awards in the UK, Germany and the USA. Alan was crucial in the band’s evolution as singer and player, being the first to use keyboards as an integral element in a traditional folk band. His influence and the band’s can be heard in many of today’s Celtic musicians. His songs are noted for their lyricism, strong melody and storytelling and have been an important component of the band repertoire.

Since 2000 when his partnership with Rob began, Alan’s reputation has been enhanced by his involvement in Linn Records’ mammoth 12 CD series of the Complete Songs of Robert Burns and his nomination as composer of the year at the Scots Tradition Awards in 2009.

As well as all the recordings with Battlefield band and Rob, Alan has released 2 solo albums, The Sunlit Eye and Recollection, and a songbook ‘Martyrs, Rogues and Worthies’. He has also collaborated with Virginia singer and multi-instrumentalist Bob Zentz and occasionally performs solo.

Netherlands born Rob van Sante is an accomplished guitarist and singer. He began playing at an early age, absorbing music styles of all genres and incorporating them into his playing styles. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s he worked with a variety of well known English and Celtic musicians, touring extensively in Europe as well as North Africa and the Middle East and eventually putting down roots in Leeds in the north of England. It was at this time he came in contact with Alan and Battlefield Band and was recruited as their sound engineer and unofficial ‘fifth’ member and continued in that role until 2010.

Acknowledged for his subtle guitar accompaniments and fine harmony singing Rob is also a noted producer, recording engineer and session musician. Outside of the duo with Alan, he records and plays with veteran singer and songwriter John Conolly, writer of classic folk standard ‘Fiddlers’ Green’ and also with U.S. songwriter Janie Meneely.

Alan and Rob will also be playing new material from their newest album The Dear Green Place, which tells of the origins and history of Glasgow.

For more info, sights and sounds, visit

Alan Reid and Rob van Sante West Coast Tour Dates

• Thursday, October 17th, 7:30 PM, Auburn, CA House concert. Contact:

• Friday, October 18th, 7:30 PM, Occidental, CA Center for the Arts 3850 Doris Murphy Ct., Occidental, CA
• Saturday, October 19th Anaheim, CA Anaheim Downtown Community Center 250 E Center Street, Anaheim CA 714-997-8590
• Sunday, October 20th Redwood, CA House Concert. Contact:
• Tuesday, October 22nd Oakland, CA House Concert. Contact:
• Thursday, October 24th Corvallis, OR Whiteside Theater 361 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR
• Friday, October 25th Tualatin, OR House Concert. Contact:
• Saturday, October 26th Seattle, WA Phinney Neighborhood Center 6532 Phinney Ave N., Seattle, WA tel. 206-923-8923
• Sunday, October 27th Port Townsend, WA Quimper Grange P.O. Box 84, 12 Corona Str., Port Townsend, WA tel. 206-962-7535
• Monday, October 28th Bellingham, WA Greene’s Corner 2208 James Str., Bellingham, WA
• Wednesday, October 30th Burns, OR House concert: 409 S Court Ave., Burns, OR tel. 541-589-1481
• Saturday, November 2nd Mendocino, CA House Concert.Contact:



The 9th Annual Fairfax Irish Festival

Fairfax Friday 10/18, Saturday 10/19 & Sunday 10/20

Various Venues around Fairfax, CA
just 22 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge
All free except opener at Peri’s

Heartbeat Music is delighted to present, the 9th Annual Fairfax Irish Festival Of Music & Dance.

Click here for the full detail


Culann’s Hounds, Lee Corbie-Wells, The Gallowglasses, Erica & Friends, The Gasmen, Comhaltas Set Dancers, Moonshine Jelly, Ring of Truth Trio, John Pedersen, Rita Thies, Dan Shea, Rebecca Richman, Kyle Alden, The Pure Drops, The Shots String Band, Robyn NiConney, Keith Dubinsky & Daniel Schoenfeld, Brosnan Irish Dancers, Donagh McKeown, Catherine John, Noctambule, David Winter, David James, John Flynn, Neil O’ Neill, Stacy Samuels, Savage Craic, The Turf Cutters, Todd Silverstein & Rodney Miller, Tedd Colt, Susan Spurlock, Geraldine Finn, Darcy Noonan, Hector Bragado, Kristin Vandling, Dana Trillo, Elizabeth Roddy, Doug Kaplan, Rob Shaw, Burke Trieshmann & Kenny Somerville and Ted Anderson.

For more info, check Fairfax Fleadh Website, or The Fairfax Fleadh Facebook Page, or email or call Cormac Gannon at 415-637-5079.


Young Dubliners

Young Dubliners

Young Dubliners

Celtic rock’s hardest working band

The Young Dubliners play hundreds of shows to thousands of fans across the US and Europe every year. In recent years they have twice appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America, had songs featured in TV shows (Sons Of Anarchy, Human Target) and toured extensively as a headliner and as the opener for such a diverse list of artists as Collective Soul, Jethro Tull, Johnny Lang, Los Lobos, Culann’s Hounds and many more.

Video Preview: The Young Dubliners – Rocky Road to Dublin

Although the Young Dubliners sound is most commonly called ‘Celtic Rock’, it’s not the only influence that rears its head on their albums, or in live shows. After all, several of the band members have no Irish roots of any kind. ‘That was always the idea’, Keith Roberts, lead singer for the band explains. ‘The sound was always intended to be a hybrid because we all come from different backgrounds. Even though two of us are from Ireland, a lot of the music we listened to growing up wasn’t Irish at all, but when we got here, we got homesick and developed a new appreciation for Irish Music. In truth the Celtic riffs can just as easily come from the American band members. Everyone writes now so you never know what we’ll end up with when we start on a new album.

October NorCal Shows:
• Friday, October 18th, 8:00 PM, Fairfax, CA, 19 Broadway, Details
• Saturday, October 19th, 7:00 PM, Sutter Creek, CA, Sutter Creek Theatre, Details

More info at or on Facebook


Modesto SAS

Saint Andrew’s Society of Modesto

Central Valley Highland Games & Celtic Festival

Saturday, October 19th, at 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Turlock Fairgrounds, 900 N Broadway, Turlock, CA

After a 2 year hiatus, the Saint Andrew’s Society of Modesto reintroduces their annual Highland Games. Formerly known as the Modesto Highland Games, this event has a new location, with the larger field, and with a new date in the Fall.

The Central Valley Highland Games are also host to the California State Championships for Heavy Athletics this year and the heavy athletics are now open to all participants.

8:30 AM — Opening Ceremony
12:00 PM — Parade of Clans
4:30 PM — Closing Ceremony

More details and advance ticket sales are available on the Saint Andrew’s Society of Modesto website here: and on the Facebook Event.



Bruce Victor & Marla Fibish

Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor

Saturday, October 19th, at 7:00 PM

Windsor Acoustic Guitar Series, Santa Rosa, CA

Marla says,
We are delighted to be returning to this lovely house concert series after a few years. Since we’ve been there, the concerts have moved to a location in Santa Rosa.

Suggested donation is $20 per person.
For information and reservations, please email Address will be provided with confirmed reservation.
More details on the Facebook Event

Noctambule is Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor. They play a variety of musical forms – traditional Irish tunes and songs, their own compositions written in traditional forms, and compelling settings of a broad range of poetry. This unique collaboration brings out surprising qualities in these seasoned musicians. Their work is rendered with lush beauty, sensitivity and humour on an unusual array of strings – different guitars in varied tunings, mandola, mandolin, cittern, tenor guitar – and their blended voices. A Noctambule experience is like no other – a wake-up call for body and soul.

Video samples

More music and info:
| or call 510-205-1617


Hounds 2019

Culann’s Hounds with Renée de la Prada

Culann’s Hounds @ Fairfax Festival

Featuring Renée de la Prada
Opening set from Lee Corbie-Wells
Saturday, October 19th, 9:30 PM

Peri’s, 29 Broadway, Fairfax, CA

Lee 2019-09

Lee Corbie-Wells

Raw, rowdy, rip-snorting Celtic Rock with huge steaming slabs of meaty traditional tunes served up on a big plate of punk-powered ferocity and fun. That’s Culann’s Hounds, named for a legendary Irish warrior who, after killing the fierce watchdog of a local blacksmith, offered to take the ferocious canine’s place until a bloodthirsty enough replacement could be found.

Renée de la Prada is visiting from Germany and joins her old bandmates for the Fairfax Irish Music Festival. Renée is a show within the show, ripping tunes, singing in different patois in English and French, dancing and delivering her own songs with remarkable emotional depth.

Lee Corbie-Wells opens up the show. Known for her distinctive, multi-cultural fiddling and singing, in recent years Lee has formed several bands, Moonshine Jelly, Kaptain Bottletop, and Igam Ogam, and joined with The Rabbit Hole Orchestra, which have just returned from tours of Europe.

Click for more about Peri’s

More Details on the Hounds on their Facebook Page or the Hounds Website.



Dancing Shoes

Learn Irish Sean Nos Dance
All Skill Levels Welcome!

Tuesdays, October 15th, 22nd and 29th, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Upstairs at Lilly Mac’s Irish Pub, 187 S Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale, CA

A beginning Irish sean nos dance class will start next week. No experience necessary. Sean nos dance is a percussive old style of step dancing, very low to the ground, similar to tap and Appalachian clogging. We may also work on some battering steps that can be used in set dancing.

$5 fee

Susan Says,
“We will meet on Tuesdays, October 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th, and possibly going into November. Then, depending on interest, we will continue in January.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Susan Keith at“.



11th Annual Sonora All Hallows Fantasy Faire

11th Annual Sonora All Hallows Fantasy Faire

Saturday, October, 26th, Noon-11:30 pm & Sunday, October, 27th, 11am-6pm

Mother Lode Fairgrounds, 220 Southgate Drive, Sonora

The Original 11th Annual All Hallows Faire returns to the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, California on October 26 & 27, 2018. It’s our big 11th year celebration and we are going to create an exciting world of fun never seen before in Sonora! This original event creation will bring historical Celtic cultures alive with costume characters and non-stop entertainment. The festival will also have the ever-popular Burning of the Harvestman, and a Fire Extravaganza not to be missed– so come early and celebrate the Celtic New Year in style…


Save money by buying tickets on-line:

Click for the Full Schedule.

The Fantasy Faire is a two-day all inclusive costume play event! Patrons are encouraged to wear their favorite costumes and immerse themselves into our themed encampment realms. The encampments will be filled with Celts, Vikings, Ancient Warriors, Pirates, Victorian Steampunk, Fairytale Village, Mythical Creatures, Gypsies, Witches, and a Fire Breathing Dragon. Kids can trick or treat through the entire realm, with free candy at every corner and a costume contest. On Sunday, the faire offers three new venues just for kids: a pumpkin carving area, a super fun pumpkin rolling competition, and the new exciting midway game arcade!

Music is always one of the crowd favorites at the faire, and this year we have two full stages of music. Headlining we have Legendary Celtic Rock band – Tempest and joining them on stage will be the crazy American Roots sounds of Blues Box Bayou and The Tumbling Timemachine. Also appearing on stage will be the Black Irish Band, and the Ghostly Scottish Bagpipers of the Lost Division.

There will be many exciting venues to marvel at the faire, which will include: jugglers, storytellers, magicians, psychics and fortune tellers. New this year gracing our stages will be Brian Cassady performing world-class magic for all ages, and the Juggling Johnsons will be returning this year with his dynamic blend of fire juggling, fire spinning, dance, theater, and fire magic. Other great attractions include: Pirate Skool- (learn to be a pirate), Hearts of Khyber- (dance & drumming), Airship Mariposa- Story Theater and Magic Show, and the ever-wonderful Moon Goddess Caravan Belly Dancers.

Walking around the faire marvel at the hundreds of live-action performing guilds assembled that include:

St. Andrews Royal Court, Dark Boar Vikings, Danse Macabre- (Parade of the Dead), Kaotic Mythicals- (kids games), Beastcub Creatures- (life-size animals), Menagerie of Mythical Misfits, a Bubble Fairy, Goblins Grotto Ogre, Gaesatae- (Celtic Warriors), Knot Witches, and Mead and Meadow Crafters and Herb Lore.

One great centerpiece of the faire is the Celtic Village & Marketplace. Highlights of the village include over fifty artisan vendors showcasing their work. Enjoy browsing through the boundless amount of unique items to fulfill your needs and desires. Delight your taste buds with many varieties of traditional and modern food. Quench your thirst at the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern, featuring ales, beers, and themed adult beverages….

It’s all about coming dressed up for fun! A costume contest for adults and children of all ages with prizes will be offered all weekend long. And then on Saturday Night- the Big Fire Extravaganza, the worlds most amazing fire show by nationally known fire-juggler and fire walker instructor, Kevin Axtell & Friends. All will want to also witness the ever-popular Burning of the Harvestman. An old Celtic Tradition that opens the door to our loved ones on the other side.

Full details and Tickets at



Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay

The venerable Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay has a 30 year record of bringing world class Celtic musicians to the Monterey Bay Area and is a key sponsor of AmeriCeltic.

• Saturday, October 26th 2019, 7:30PM, Dàimh, at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
• Saturday, October 27th 2019, 3:00 PM, Dàimh, at
St Mary’s By The Sea Episcopal Church, Pacific Grove, A Production Of St Mary’s Celtic Music Series

Click here for full details of All Celtic Society of Monterey Bay Concerts on the CSoMB website! (Click on ‘Video’ button for videos.)


Autumn Tim & Richard

Autumn Rhodes and Tim Hill with Richard Mandel

Autumn Rhodes and Tim Hill
with Richard Mandel

2 events on Friday, October 25th

4:00 PM KKUP-FM Friday Folk-Off
KKUP.ORG streaming or 91.5 FM broadcast
7:30 PM Cope-a-cabana House Concert
433 S. Henry Ave., San Jose, CA

Presented by Cope-a-cabana and AmeriCeltic

Autumn Rhodes and Tim Hill are a musical duo steeped in the traditions of Ireland dating back over 200 years. The pairing of Autumn’s heavily rhythmic style on the concertina and flute mixed with Tim’s relaxed yet deadly accurate uilleann piping results in a graceful and infectious sound that has drawn rapt audiences from both sides of the coast and the Atlantic. They continue to perform throughout the United States, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Midwest, as well as in northern New England. Well known guitarist Richard Mandel will join in to complete the trio.

Watch the promotional Video:
More on their Facebook Page:

Cope-a-cabana House Concert Tickets
Sliding Scale $15 – $20 cash at the door – 100% to artists
Reservations at

Autumn Rhodes was raised in a rural Indiana household full of Irish music. At the age of 12, Autumn got a tin whistle for a birthday present and a year later was performing professionally, shortly after, progressing to the flute and concertina and learning from master players such as Laurence Nugent, Kevin Henry, and John Williams. Autumn is equally renowned as a singer in the sean-nos style of Irish tradition.

Born in the Philadelphia area, Timothy Hill has spent the last decade studying and performing Irish traditional music. Tim started his career with Irish music on bodhrán, and at the age of 11 took up the uilleann pipes. With years of tutelage from John Donnelly, Jerry O’Sullivan and Tim Britton, and performances with Mick Moloney, Paddy Keenan, Teada, Billy McComiskey, Tony DeMarco, Seamus Begley, Gabriel Donohue to name a few, Tim has become one of the top young pipers in America.

Richard Mandel fell into the well of Irish music in the mid-’90s and was soon driving every session he could get into. As a first-call accompanist, Richard has performed with legendary Irish musicians including Paddy Keenan, Jimmy Keane, Gerry O’Connor, Mick Maloney, Paddy O’Brien, Tony DeMarco and many others. Richard plays in the trio Three Mile Stone with mandolinist Marla Fibish and fiddler Erin Shrader. Three Mile Stone released its debut CD, produced by John Doyle, in March 2010 and has received rave reviews. In addition to Three Mile Stone, Richard can be heard on Christa Burch’s CD ‘Love of the Land’, Radim Zenkl’s, ‘Restless Joy’, and Tipsy House’s CD, ‘Sets in the City.’

In September, Bill hosted Folk Fest San Jose, four great shows convenient to South Bay folk fans. Lets show Bill how much we appreciate his hospitality and service to San José folk-fans, by filling the seats for this one too!


El Cerrito FFF

10th Annual El Cerrito Free Folk Festival

A full day of music, dance, and jams!
Saturday, October 26th, 12 PM – 10 PM

El Cerrito High School, 540 Ashbury Avenue, El Cerrito

The El Cerrito Free Folk Festival is a daylong arts and music festival that is free of charge and open to the public. The generosity and sponsorship of the San Francisco Folk Music Club and the City of El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission have made the annual El Cerrito Free Folk Festival possible.

The Festival offers two stages of music performances, music and dance workshops, a family program and spaces for spontaneous jams. Join us to listen, learn, play and enjoy live music in our community. This exciting event features performances and workshops from world-renowned and local musicians alike, with open microphone and jam sessions. Bring an instrument and jam in the courtyard or perform at the open mic.

2018 Performers included: Ken Hayes & His Imaginary Friends, Good Intentions, Kevin McConnell & Jill McAnally, Sylvia Herold & Patrice Haan, Maurice Tani, The Polka Cowboys, The Lighthouse String Band, Hophead, Sunkist, BU/RA, Hali Hammer & Friends, The Acadians, and more! Dances include: Irish Ceili, English Country, French and Breton, and Old California dances. Transit from Earth will play for A Dickens Dance Party in the evening. Workshops feature singing, concertinas, ukuleles, guitars, and more! There will also be family activities and entertainment.

Click for full details on the website:



Aryeh Frankfurter & Lisa Lynne

Celtic Harps, Rare Instruments & Wondrous Stories

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter

These shows feature Celtic harp and multi-instrumentalist duo Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter playing two Celtic harps, the rare Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukrainian Bandura, Cittern and more. The audience will hear traditional instrumental music from Sweden and Ireland as well as heartwarming original compositions blended with stories of humor and adventure.

Lisa and Aryeh share a background as progressive rock musicians who later discovered a love for Celtic, Renaissance and Swedish music on unique acoustic instruments.

Lisa Lynne is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring her Celtic Harp. She is widely acclaimed for composing memorable and heartwarming melodies on the Windham Hill/Sony music labels that have repeatedly placed in the Top 10 & Top 20 on the Billboard New age music charts. Lisa tours year round performing at large US festivals and performing art centers. Her work in Therapeutic music has gained recognition from NBC, CNN, and numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Wall Street Journal. Lisa’s music is heard throughout the award winning PBS special “Alone in the Wilderness”, amongst many other soundtracks for commercial television and independent films.

Aryeh Frankfurter is also a renowned Celtic harper and world traveling multi-instrumentalist who went from virtuosic progressive rock violin to intricate Swedish folk and Celtic Music. He began with Classical violin at the age of three, his early studies and successes led him to explore various ethnic and international musical genres. Aryeh taught himself to play a variety of instruments bowed and plucked and most recently the rarely seen Swedish Nyckelharpa. His uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, his numerous critically and commercially successful albums have earned him credit as a musician, recording and performance artist of extraordinary talents and abilities.

For more information, please contact: Lisa Lynne (415) 275-1466

• Saturday, October 26th, 3:00 PM Eugene, OR, Benefit for Flora Foundation Tickets
• Monday, November 4th, 7:00 PM, Crescent City, CA, Del Norte Cultural Center Hands-on-Harps workshop and evening concert Tickets
• Tuesday, November 5th, 7:00 PM, Gold Beach, OR, Curry Library workshop and concert 541-247-7246
• Wednesday, November 6th, 7:00 PM, North Bend, OR, North Bend Library workshop and concert 541-756-0400


Shelley Phillips

Harpist – Shelley Phillips
John Weed

Fiddler – John Weed

Turlough O’Carolan Meets Jonathan Swift

A new Play by Anne Downs
Saturday, October 26th, at 5 – 7 PM
(Doors open at 4:30 PM)

The Lab, 3728 the Barnyard, Suite G-23, Carmel, CA
(above Carmel Valley Roasters, across from Sur Restaurant)

Taelen Thomas

Actor – Taelen Thomas

We’re excited to be performing a celebration of the later life and music of the great Irish harper, Turlough O’Carolan meets Jonathan Swift showing why, of the many musicians in 18th Century Ireland, Turlough O’Carolan was the best-loved.

Adults: $15 in advance or at door

In this second Anne Downs play about the life of Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738), two of our most talented and acclaimed performers, Shelley Phillips and Taelen Thomas, return and are joined by fabulous fiddler John Weed.

Shelley Phillip’s, brilliant harp playing brings 28 of Turlough O’Carolan’s sparkling tunes to life. Shelley, Santa Cruz County’s 2017 Artist of the Year, performed and taught Celtic Harp in Scandinavia this summer.

Taelen Thomas, well-known for his golden voice and commanding stage presence, captures the complexity and humor of both Carolan and Swift as their quirky friendship yields surprosing results.

John Weed is a classically-trained violinist, who in 2000, in County Donegal and County Clare learning Irish fiddle from Irish masters and teaching fiddle. John has since become a beloved performer in several well known Celtic bands, as well as a fiddle workshops teacher throughout the West Coast of America.

Anne Downs based her script on years of research, & used her imagination to fill in missing parts of the puzzle.


Chris Maden

Chris Maden

31st Annual Sea Music Concert Series

8:00 PM – 10 PM | 10/26 11/16

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

Saturday, October 26th 8:00 PM Chris Maden
Chris Maden, accompanying himself on concertina, hails from Marlborough, Massachusetts. Chris sings sea chanteys, old ballads, new ballads and drinking songs. He has been a working chanteyman at the Mystic Seaport Museum, and has performed at the Portsmouth, NH Maritime Folk Festival and at other venues on the East Coast.

2019 Sea Music Concert Series:
• Saturday, October 26th 8:00 PM, Chris Maden
• Saturday, November 16th 8:00 PM, Brass Farthing

Tickets: $10 – $20. Purchase them on concert night at the Hyde Street Pier entrance beginning 7:30 PM and avoid the online service charge. To order your tickets online, — CLICK HERE!.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, located at the west end of Fisherman’s Wharf, includes a fleet of historic ships, Visitor Center, Maritime Museum, Maritime Research Center, and the Aquatic Park Historic District. For more information, please call 415-447-5000 or visit, Twitter @SFMaritimeNPS, and Facebook @SanFranciscoMaritimeNHP. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park offers assisted listening services on request. Sign Language interpreter services need to be requested at least five days in advance. Contact Accessibility Coordinator/Chief of Interpretation for more information at 415-859-6797, or

For more details, call Lynn Cullivan at 415-561-7006 or email her at


Professor James Fisher

Irish Americans in the construction of the Panama Canal

ILHS Speaker Series: Historian Jim Fisher
Sunday October 27th, 5:00 PM

The United Irish Cultural Center, St. Patrick’s Room, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco

The ILHS is very pleased to present Irish American historian James T. Fisher, Professor of Theology and American Studies, Fordham University. Fisher is a prolific historian of Irish America, notably author of On the Irish Waterfront: The Crusader, the Movie, and the Soul of the Port of New York.

On the Irish Waterfront is Fishers detailed social history of the New York/New Jersey waterfront, from the rise of Irish American entrepreneurs and political bosses during the World War I era to the mid-1950s, when the emergence of a revolutionary new mode of cargo-shipping signaled a radical reorganization of the port. Site of the world’s busiest and most lucrative harbor throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the Port of New York was also the historic preserve of Irish American gangsters, politicians, longshoremen’s union leaders, and powerful Roman Catholic pastors. This is the demimonde depicted to stunning effect in Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront (1954) and into which James T. Fisher takes readers in this remarkable and engaging historical account of the classic film’s backstory.

Fisher’s later research took him to the far reaches of Central America, to the construction of the Panama Canal and the varied experiences of Irish American workers in that distant jungle. Prof. Fisher will deliver a lecture that subject.


Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O'Leary

Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O’Leary

Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O’Leary

West Coast Tour

Long time friends and musical collaborators, Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O’ Leary have toured together widely, both in duo and as part of The Alt, alongside celebrated Irish guitarist John Doyle.

Both are internationally recognized members of the traditional music community, noted for their instrumental skills and diverse repertoire of traditional and contemporary song.

Both are songwriters, who love and research traditional Irish/Scottish songs.

With an engaging stage presence and understated virtuosity, they present a timeless selection of songs and instrumentals. Nuala and Eamon offer a memorable concert experience, as their songs range from the ancient Irish tradition to reflections on the present day.

More on Nuala Kennedy or

More on Eamon O’Leary or

• Thursday, October 31st, 7:30 PM, Fifth Street Farms, 1517 5th St, Berkeley, CA, Reservations required:
• Friday, November 1st, 7:30 PM, Oak & Thorn @ Eagles Hall, 210 N. Corry St., Fort Bragg, CA,
• Saturday, November 2nd, 7:30 PM, House Concert, Chico, CA, Info 530-342-1055 or
• Sunday, November 3rd, 7:30 PM, House Concert, Davis, CA, For more info:
• Monday, November 4th, 7:30 PM, Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay House Concert, Soquel, CA, For more info:
• Tuesday, November 5th, 7:30 PM, House Concert, Larkspur, CA, Info & Reservations:
• Wednesday, November 6th, 7:30 PM, Grizzly Peak Winery, 1600 E Nevada St., Ashland, OR, For more info:
• Thursday, November 7th, 7:30 PM, House Concert, Eugene, OR, Info
• Friday November 8th 7:30 PM – 10th 8:30 PM, Yachats Celtic Music Festival, Yachats, OR,


SVPB Workshops

The Silicon Valley Pipe Band
Piping and Drumming Workshop

Tuesday, November 1st – Thursday, November 3rd

Sacred Heart School, 13718 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA

Have you ever wanted to learn the bagpipes, snare, tenor, or bass drum? Do you desire to be a part of an ever-growing, friendly, fun, energetic, hardworking group of musicians in the Bay Area? Well now is your chance! The Silicon Valley Pipe Band (SVPB) is recruiting new members for the 2020 season (and Beyond!).

Full Information on our website:

We offer parade, concert, and competition bands including grade 3, grade 4, and parade band who compete and perform all year long. Whether you are an experienced competitor or are completely new to the pipe band world, all are welcome to join!

Our culture is one of continual technical improvement coupled with a familial environment. Established performers and those starting their dedicated musical journey will find a home with us. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Saratoga.

Founded in 1980, the SVPB, then known as the Stewart Tartan Pipes & Drums, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to educate the general public in piping, drumming, dance, and other art forms associated with Scottish and Celtic culture.  We perform both publicly and privately, and instruct those interested in piping and drumming.

To make a donation to support Scottish piping and drumming in the Silicon Valley, please visit our donations page.
501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so donations may be tax deductible.



Patsy O'Brien & Dick Hensold

Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien

Patsy O’Brien and Dick Hensold

Tour of California

Song and Music from Cape Breton Island, Scotland, Ireland and Northumberland

Patsy O’Brien (Vocals & Guitar) and Dick Hensold (Pipes, Whistles & Recorder) give a concert of traditional Celtic music featuring traditional and historical tunes from Cape Breton Island, Scotland, Ireland and Northumberland presented with unique and innovative arrangements, including a variety of songs from Britain and Ireland, accompanied by guitar and pipes.

This program delivers a broad range of styles of Celtic music, original music in the traditional style and an impressive range of expression, from the jaunty and humorous to soulful, with Patsy’s warm and multi-colored baritone voice, Dick’s variety of pipes and whistles, and the nimble instrumental virtuosity of both musicians. (Please note that NONE of the various bagpipes used in this concert are very loud.)

Click here to watch videos of Patsy and Dick performing The Braes of Balquhidder – and more!

For more on the performers, check their websites: and

• Saturday, November 9th, 8:00 PM, Pasadena, CA, Beckman Institute Auditorium, 400 South Wilson Avenue, sponsored by the Pasadena Folk Music Society. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children and Caltech students, tickets available at the Caltech Ticket Office by calling (626) 395-4652, More Info.
• Sunday, November 10th, 7:00 PM, Los Gatos, CA, House Concert, Potluck at 6:00 PM (Some wine & beer is supplied BUT an additional bottle is always appreciated!), Suggested Donation: $20 Reservations required; address will be sent with reservation confirmation, email Pippa Siersema (preferred) or call 408-529-5610.
• Wednesday, November 13th, 7:30 PM, Aptos, CA, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 9850 Munroe Ave. 95003, Appearing as guests at Celtic Music Night, a donation-supported community event organized by Dave Brewer. More Info.
• Thursday, November 14th, 7:30 PM, Berkeley, CA, House Concert in the Claremont district, Suggested donation: $20 Reservations required; address will be sent with reservation confirmation., For reservations, email:

• Friday, November 15th, 7:30 PM, Fort Bragg, CA, House Concert, Gather at 7:00 PM, Tickets: $20 (see contact info), for tickets: email or call 707-734-0791, More info.
• Saturday, November 16th, 8:00 PM, Sebastopol, CA, House Concert in South Sebastopol, Doors at 7, music at 8. Suggested donation: $20. Reservations required; address will be sent with reservation confirmation, email, More Info.
• Sunday, November 17th, 3:00 PM, Auburn, CA, House Concert, for reservations, go to, suggested donation: $20-25.


Men of Worth

Men of Worth

Men of Worth

Irish and Scottish folk music

11/20 Fair Oaks, CA | 11/22 Ridgecrest, CA | 11/23 Carlsbad, CA | 11/24 Claremont, CA

In 1986, Scotsman Donnie Macdonald and Irishman James Keigher came together to perform Irish and Scottish folk music, combining traditional and contemporary styles.

The name ‘Men of Worth’ was chosen from the title of a folk song written by the Scottish singer/songwriter Archie Fisher.

Together Men of Worth blend their voices with harmony and support their collection of songs with their varied selection of instruments. They have a very simple approach to their presentation, and in keeping with tradition, remain true to the music and story. Their show is a unique combination of humour, exciting tunes, and soulful, heartfelt ballads.

Men of Worth are an international act, and have earned much respect and success in over thirty years of touring together. Performing concerts and festivals, with twelve albums to their credit, Men of Worth continue the very tradition from which they’ve evolved.

Fall Tour Dates
• Wednesday, November 20th, 7:00 PM, $15, Stegmann Hall – Rudolf Steiner College, 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA, cash or check only at the door
• Friday, November 22nd, 7:00 PM, $15, Cerro Coso College, 3000 College Heights Blvd., Ridgecrest, CA, 760-384-6145 / 760-384-6210
• Saturday, November 23rd, 7:30 PM, $22, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 2020 Chestnut Ave., Carlsbad, CA, San Diego Folk Heritage
• Sunday, November 24th, 2:00 PM, Gelencser House Concerts, Claremont, CA, 909-596-1266



A Winters Gift

A Winters Gift

Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter

A Winters Gift is presented by three of the premier Celtic Harpists in the world. Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter return with a collection of new stories and music perform Celtic legends, along with Irish and English literature woven together with beloved and rare pieces of holiday music.

This trio is well known for their first show Legends of the Celtic Harp which tells stories and legends of the harp through time, and in this new show, storyteller and wire-strung harpist Patrick Ball along with harpers and multi-instrumentalists Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter step into a magical world of Irish and English literature. The trio presents a heartwarming collection of tales and music from Celtic legend and traditional folk stories. They perform a Child’s Christmas in Wales, a chapter from The Wind in the Willows, and passages from Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, and Thomas Hardy, and mingle them with beloved and original pieces of seasonal music. Audiences will hear three Celtic Harps, Swedish Nyckelharpa, Fiddle, Bandura, Bouzouki and more.

Admission is $20 for adults and kids 12 and under are $10.

For the Video: “Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter – A Winter Gift“, Click Here.

Patrick Ball is an American master of the Irish harp and a captivating spoken word artist. He has recorded nine instrumental and three spoken word albums which have sold well over a half million copies internationally, winning national awards in both the music and spoken word categories. Patrick’s critically acclaimed concerts and solo theatrical productions have toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK, and have been awarded grants by the California Arts Council and the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Association.

Lisa Lynne is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring her Celtic Harp. She is widely acclaimed for composing memorable and heartwarming melodies on the Windham Hill/Sony music labels that have repeatedly placed in the Top 10 & Top 20 on the Billboard New age music charts. Lisa tours year round performing at large US festivals and performing art centers. Her work in Therapeutic music has gained recognition from NBC, CNN, Fox News Atlanta and numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Wall Street Journal. Lisa’s music is heard throughout the award winning PBS special “Alone in the Wilderness,” amongst many other soundtracks for commercial television and independent films.

Aryeh Frankfurter is also a renowned Celtic harper and world traveling multi- instrumentalist who went from virtuosic progressive rock violin to intricate Swedish folk and Celtic Music. He began with Classical violin at the age of three, his early studies and successes led him to explore various ethnic and international musical genres. Aryeh taught himself to play a variety of instruments bowed and plucked and most recently the rarely seen Swedish Nyckelharpa. His uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, his numerous critically and commercially successful albums have earned him credit as a musician, recording and performance artist of extraordinary talents and abilities.

• Thursday, November 21st, 7:00 PM, Mill Valley, CA, Mill Valley Community Church, Tickets
• Friday, November 22nd, 7:30 PM, Davis, CA, Unitarian Universalist Chuch of Davis, Tickets
• November 23rd, 8:00 PM, Benecia, CA, Benicia Historical Museum, Info
• Sunday, November 24th, 3:00 PM, $10-$20, San Jose, CA, First Congregational Church, Tickets. For further information call (408) 377-7121 or visit

• Wednesday, December 4th, 7:30 PM, Monroe, OR, Cedarhouse Concerts, email Lisa Lynne
• Thursday, December 5th, 7:30 PM, Portland, OR, Cerimon House, Info
• Friday, December 6th, 7:30 PM, Astoria, OR, Clatsop Community College, Info
• Saturday, December 7th, 7:30 PM, Mount Vernon, WA, Celtic Arts Foundation, Info
• December 8th, 7:30 PM, Seattle, WA, Green Lake United Methodist Church, Info


Kirkin' O' The Tartans

Kirkin’ O’ The Tartans Fundraiser
Daughters of Scotia Kilwinning Lodge #203

Saturday, November 23th at 1:00 PM

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 2140 Mission Ave., Carmichael, CA

For St. Andrew’s Day, please join the Daughters of Scotia, Kilwinning Lodge 203 for their KIRKIN’ o’ the TARTANS. We have 30 Tartans Registered to be Blessed, including Army, Navy, Air Force and USMC. If you wish to have your tartan blessed, please bring it along…there will be a general kirkin’ of the tartans.

A dessert reception, open to the public with Scottish entertainment will follow the church service at the adjacent Johnstone Hall.

All proceeds go to the River City Food bank at the Center at St. Michael’s.

History: Saint Andrew, an Apostle and brother of Saint Peter, was declared the Patron Saint of Scotland in 1320, and his example of charity and kindness lead Scottish settlers in North America to organize benevolent societies. The North American tradition of ‘kirkin’ (Kirk being the Scots word for ‘church’, or blessing) originated with the Saint Andrew’s Society of Washington D.C. as a fundraiser for British war relief at the National Cathedral on April 27, 1941, and the practice has now spread throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Golden Bough

Golden Bough Christmas Tour

Golden Bough Christmas Tour

11/30 Sonora, CA | 12/7 Los Gatos, CA | 12/8 Merced, CA | 12/13 Winters, CA | 12/14 Auburn, CA | 12/21 San Francisco, CA

Paul says:
After 45 years, Burleigh Family has decided that this will be the last Sonora Christmas Crafts and Music Festival!, as the Burleigh Family has decided to focus on their own needs. After all the hard work and love they put into making this event the joyous occasion that it is, we wish the Burleigh family all the best in whatever calls to them next.

So, come on out on last time, and enjoy the music, crafts, food and everything else Sonora Christmas Crafts and Music Festival has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

Saturday, November 30th, 10 AM to 5 PM, 45th Annual Sonora Christmas Crafts and Music Festival, Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora, CA, Produced by Fire on the Mountain, (209) 533-3473.

Share the laughter, song and joy as Golden Bough performs rare versions of Celtic songs of Winter, as well as their unique take on better known Christmas Carols.

CLICK HERE to see Golden Bough’s videos!

Rooted in the traditional music of the seven Celtic nations (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, The Isle of Man, French Brittany and Spanish Galicia), Golden Bough has become a popular and in-demand group on both sides of the Atlantic. Since their formation in 1980, this trio of modern day minstrels has traveled great distances to numerous countries, to bring their music to enthusiastic folk fans the world over.

‘There is a love of this music by the performers that is obvious. All in all, a great example of how to do something the right way when many are just doing it, period.’ Wind & Wire Magazine

Golden Bough is:
Margie Butler, lead vocals, harp, whistles, recorders
Paul Espinoza, vocals, guitar, accordion
Kathy Sierra, fiddle, whistles
For more information, email or check the website,

Backing themselves on an array of acoustic instruments; Celtic harp, guitar, octave-mandolin, mandolin, accordion, violin, penny-whistle and bodhrán, they blend their voices in the pristine harmonies that have become a Golden Bough trademark. To date they have released over 30 recordings. In the recording studio, as well as on stage, Golden Bough captures the essence and joy of traditional music.

More Golden Bough Shows:
• Saturday, November 30th, 10 AM to 5 PM, 45th Annual Sonora Christmas Crafts and Music Festival, Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora, CA, Produced by Fire on the Mountain, (209) 533-3473.
• Saturday, December 7th, 7:30 PM, Woodhaven West Concert Series, Los Gatos United Methodist Church, 111 Church Street, Los Gatos, CA, (408) 354-4730.
• Sunday, December 8th, 7:00 PM, Merced Theatre, 301 W Main St, Merced, CA, Tickets.
• Friday, December 13th The Palms, Winters Opera House, 13 Main Street, Winters, CA, (530) 795-1825
• Saturday, December 14th, 8:00 PM, Music and More Performing Arts and Visual Center, 3116 Olympic Way, Auburn, CA, (530) 885-0594
• Saturday, December 21st, 7:30 PM, Old First Concert Series, 1751 Sacramento St., Corner of Van Ness and Sacramento Streets, San Francisco, CA, (415) 474-1608


Winterdance 4

This show is already

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South Bay Edition, in San José

Molly’s Revenge
Amelia Hogan, vocalist
The Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers
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Saturday, November 30th, 7:30 PM (Doors open at 7:00 PM)

Tabard Theatre on San Pedro Square, 29 N. San Pedro St, 2nd Floor, San José, CA

The annual, fabulously popular Winterdance Christmas Show is on once more, and kicks off in San José!

‘A seriously joyous, masterly musical experience.’ — Tom Clancy, Irish Music Magazine

Amelia Hogan

Amelia Hogan

Molly’s Revenge, starring David Brewer, John Weed and Stu Mason with guest vocalist Amelia Hogan, and the award winning Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers will present an evening of music, song and dance associated with the festive season. The performance will include Christmas songs both old and new, all played with a Celtic twist, and something new for our regulars.

Molly’s Revenge, whose lineup includes bagpipes, fiddle, whistle, guitar, mandola, and bodhran, have toured the world with their unique and infectious on-stage enthusiasm. Their arrangements of traditional jigs and reels bring these dance tunes up to date with a driving, hard-edged accent that always leaves audiences shouting for more.

As always, this 14th Annual Celtic Christmas Celebration will capture the traditional spirit of the season and warm the hearts of all who attend. Vocalist Amelia Hogan, and her voice of lilting grace and a subtle power will again balance the evocative storytelling of these great songs, and the Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers will bring a percussive, joyful, and colorful exuberance to the stage.

California-based Molly’s Revenge has toured since 2000 as a four and five-piece acoustic band, releasing eleven CDs along the way, and in 2014, Molly’s Revenge and Christa Burch recorded a collection of Celtic Christmas and winter-themed music at a remote windswept retreat in the redwoods of the Mendocino coast. This beautiful Winterdance holiday album will be available at the shows.

To raise funds for their programs, co-sponsors and the South Bay Scottish Society offer WinterDance – South Bay Edition at the Tabard Theatre on San Pedro Square, 29 N. San Pedro St, 2nd Floor, upstairs from O’Flaherty’s, in downtown San José, with ample validated parking in the City parking ramp accross San Pedro lot. Check out the Tabard Theatre and Parking here: Theatre Virtual Tour.


Book GIF

Break Through your Ancestry Brick Walls!

A printable e-book
by Cecilia Fábos-Becker

Ancestry & DNA
Family History Research: Beyond the Basics

There are many good basic manuals, both in print and online, that can help you get started researching your ancestors and finding lost cousins, but in over fifty years of research into our own Scots-Irish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry, I’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t, as well as many useful sources and links.

Now, I have written a book, Ancestry & DNA – Beyond the Basics, to help you, and all Americans find their origins. My book will be especially useful to especially Celtic Americans doing family history research, and it is available for immediate download!

Celia 2016

Author Celia Fábos-Becker

My Book includes:

• Introduction to Family History Documents
• What are REAL Primary Sources?
• America’s Dark Age (1783 to 1850)
• Finding Family Records with online services
• Introduction to Family History DNA
• Using DNA Tests to help Find Family History
• How autosomal, MtDNA, or Y-DNA tests can help
• DNA Testing Company Reviews
• Loads of Examples

Download Ancestry & DNA – Beyond the Basics here:


AmeriCeltic Products

AmeriCeltic Logo Items

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Celebrate your rich AmeriCeltic history and heritage in style and class and support AmeriCeltic by sporting a shirt, hat, mug, apron or patch, all except the mug, embroidered in full color with the AmeriCeltic logo! And don’t forget to give one to yourself!

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The AmeriCeltic logo, styled like a coat of arms, commemorates your MIXED, Scots, Irish, Welsh Celtic American heritage! Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the thirteen colonies of mostly Scots, Scots-Irish, Irish and Welsh who joined with many others from many other countries, and together fought tyranny to assert our Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant
Across from Apple Park

Breaking News at The Duke

The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant

10801 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino, CA, 11:30am – 2:00am every day of the year

Publican Carlos and his partners have an announcement to make! Many of you have heard the rumors about the at The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant. To paraphrase Sam Clemons, aka Mark Twain:

The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!
For details, Watch the official Video!

The Duke is, and will remain, THE only Authentic, (and we do mean AUTHENTIC!), British Pub in the Bay Area, located across the street from Apple Headquarters on Wolfe Road in Cupertino.

The atmosphere at the ‘The Duke‘, is the same as you would find in any pub in the British Isles, full of friendly patrons who come in to socialize, play darts, have a pint or two, and eat a meal. If you are looking for a comfortable elegance, pints of beer and authentic food, in an authentic English Pub, there is no a better choice in the Bay Area. The Duke offers a large number of beers on draft and by the bottle. Almost anything English, Scottish or Irish is available. Murphy’s Irish Stout brewed in Cork, Ireland and Scotch Eggs is always a good choice.

The servers are excellent and very knowledgeable about the beer and food menu. The menu is expansive and worth exploring. The dark pubsy feel with old regulars in their respective, but not crowded corners around lunch hour in Cupertino, is a great boon.

You can’t find more ‘authentic’ atmosphere, because the entire building was built in jolly old England, then disassembled, shipped and reassembled on site in Cupertino. With the red velvet seating and wall paper and ornate, dim lighting, you are transported to London as soon as you enter the etched glass door.

More info. on The Duke Facebook Page, website or call 408-446-3853.


Lark In The Morning SF Store

New Lark In The Morning Store in San Francisco

Lark In The Morning Stores in Berkeley and San Francisco

Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 6 PM
Sundays, noon – 5:00 PM

Lark In The Morning, 830 Gilman St, Berkeley
and soon in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco

Eric says:
“We’re soft-opening a new location at 814 Clement Street in San Francisco, (currently Exploring Music). So far, this new store only has a sampling of the instruments available in our Berkeley location, but we’re slowly adding more as we reconfigure the space.”

Thorn Land and Eric Azumi
Lark in the Morning Store, Berkeley

Lark in the Morning has been a folk musician’s favorite since 1974 and has musical instruments and instructional material from all over the world.

Shop online at, call us at 707-964-5569, or check out our Facebook Page



Plough and Stars Honored

Added to SF Legacy Business Registry

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, 116 Clement Street at 2nd Avenue, San Francisco

The Plough & Stars is thrilled to announce we’ve been honored with ‘Legacy’ status as an historic asset to the city by the San Francisco Office of Small Business … Join us for great music & the best Guinness pint in town.

What a diverse and vibrant mix of businesses added to the Legacy Business Registry yesterday! Join us in congratulating Babylon Burning, the Lab SF, The Mindful Body, The Plough and Stars and Slim’s! Thank you for your commitment and service to our communities.

The Plough and Stars (116 Clement St): An Irish pub and known gathering place for the Irish community for over 40 years. The bar showcases musicians across genres and maintains a tradition for over 35 years of hosting seisiúns, informal Irish jam sessions. Stop by for a perfectly-poured Guinness and see why?? they’ve been voted Best Irish Bar by SF Weekly.

I would like to thank all the Musicians who have played in the Plough. Without their contributions this would not have happened — Sean Heaney

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, is known around the world for hosting incredible Irish music and pulling beautiful pints of Guinness since 1975. Since then, it has evolved to host live music every night of the week, except Monday, including all genres of music; Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Zydeco, acoustic Americana, and of course, Irish Traditional.

The first Saturday is always Americana Jukebox and every third Friday is Bluegrass Bonanza! We welcome you to stop in for a drink and try our famous, award winning pints of Guinness, or indulge in any of our other specials. We host Happy Hour all day every Monday with free pool, and the first Monday of the month has a Pub Quiz at 8:30 PM. Check out our website for a full calendar of events!

For a video of a Plough session from 2014, Click Here.

For more about the Plough, check, call 415-751-1122, or email Sean Heaney at



The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant

198 5th St, San Francisco

The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, is a bustling SoMa spot with Irish pub grub & beers on tap plus sports on the satellite TV.

This local Irish Pub brings the culture of Ireland to San Francisco, offering a full bar, Happy Hour specials, and a full Irish restaurant menu, including favorites like fish and chips which goes with any style of sport, music or fun.

‘I am in the city every 2-3 months and The Chieftain is an absolutely integral part of every trip. Mark runs an amazing, authentic Irish pub. Major plus, the only place I know of in northern California to get Kilkenny!!’

‘Walked in, Saturday night about 7pm and there was a table right inside the door. We had a shepherds pie and an Irish stew. The shepherds pie was actually made with lamb! The live music was great entertainment too!’

For a video of some the Chieftain’s food menu, Click Here.

The Chieftain hosts live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Click Here for the current schedule! The live Irish traditional music and song session every Sunday evening is always great Craic! Here is a sample Irish Session from 2009: Live Irish Session at the Chieftain.

For the latest happenings, check the Chieftain facebook Page, or call 415-625-0436, or email Mark Nagle at or check


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