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Friday, 2020-01-24
Updates, Features, & Events

Hello AmeriCeltic Reader,

With the help of our Donors, over these past few months we have prepared and distributed our weekly AmeriCeltic Newsletters, maintained your Website, Calendar of Northern California Events, Facebook Group & Page, published our first Book, produced a new series of Lectures at several Celtic Festivals, and produced several extremely well received and attended Concerts in the South Bay Area. We’ve continued and expanded our public outreach, collaborations with Regional Celtic Organizations, our presence at Celtic festivals, helping hundreds of our friends like you renew their awareness of our shared Celtic heritage, and find or reconnect with their ancestry. In the coming months we will be at the upcoming festivals and making several presentations.

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Thanks VERY MUCH in advance!
Tony and Celia Becker, Co-Founders


• Co-founder Cecilia Fábos-Becker offer an analysis of the relevance of Celtic Political Heritage for todays Celtic Amerians. (See Below)


• On Sunday, January 26th, 2019 at 4:30 PM, there is an Imbolc / Brigid’s Day ritual in Sacramento, CA, and on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 5:30 PM, another in Berkeley, CA. (See Below)
• Co-founder Tony Becker offers an update on Brexit, as the United Kingdom will leave the European Union in a few days, taking Scotland and Northern Ireland out with the UK. (See Below)


• Vancouver band The Paperboys have two shows in Northern CA: Friday, January 24th at 7:30 PM in San Francisco, CA, and Saturday, January 25th, 7:00 PM in Sacramento, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday, January 24th, at 8:00 PM, Benicia Historical Museum hosts Golden Bough in Benicia, CA and on Sunday, January 26th, at 2:30 PM they perform at the Besemer Concert Hall in Nevada City, CA. (See Below)
• Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759 and so this weekend, Scots all around Northern California and the world gather to honor Burns the Poet as well as all things Scottish at Robert Burns Suppers. (See Below)
• On Saturday, January 25th at 8:00 PM, Tempest debuts new member, fiddler and vocalist Lee Corbie-Wells, at Michael’s on Main in Soquel, CA and then on Saturday, February 1st, 8:00 PM appears at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA, and on Saturday, February 15th, at 8:00 PM at the Palms in Winters, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, January 25th at 8:00 PM, there will be a Traditional Irish Dance, a Céili (kay-lee), with music by The Crooked Road, at Henflings in Ben Lomond, CA. (See Below)
• On Sunday January 26th, at 5:00 PM, the Irish Literary and Historical Society presents a lecture featuring NUI Galway scholar Chris McCann speaking on Music and Social Hierarchy in Irish Literature, at the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco. (See Below)
• From Sunday January 28th through Sunday February 16th, Scottish entertainers Jim and Susie Malcolm will tour Northern California, OR, and WA. (See Below)
• At 7:00 PM, on Wednesday January 29th, star piper David Brewer re-ignites his semi-regular series Celtic Music Night at St. Andrews Church in Aptos, CA. (See Below)
• On Thursday, January 30th at 8:00 PM Dermot Kennedy returns to SF at the The Masonic in San Francisco. (See Below)
• On Thursday February 6th, 7:30 PM, Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter have a gig at the Bohemian Art loft in Redding, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday February 7th, at 7:00 PM, the The New World String Project, begins a three city tour of Northern California with stops in Fort Bragg, Gilroy, San Mateo and Menlo Park, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday, February 7th, at 7:30 PM, the San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association holds their annual fundraiser and awards dinner in San Francisco, CA. (See Below)
• Friday, February 7th, 8:30 PM, Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band Wake the Dead, begins their Spring tour at with stops in, Soquel, San Rafael, and Sacramento, CA. (See Below)
• On Saturday, February 8th, at 6:30 PM, the Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers are holding their annual Valentine’s Ball at the Oakland Scottish Rite Centerin in Oakland, CA. (See Below)
• On February 7th, 7:00 PM Eamonn Flynn and his just released new album, Black Coddle, will entertain at the Empress Theater in Vallejo, CA. (See Below)
• Saturday, February 15th, at 6:00 PM, Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen are giving their Sweetheart Valentine’s Show, with Amanda West with Pete Solomon at the Alba Schoolhouse in Ben Lomond. (See Below)
• On Saturday, February 15, 7:00 PM join Fortunate Strangers for Celtic a flavored show at Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV. (See Below)
• On Monday, February 17th at 1:00 PM, the SFGAA invites you to Irish Heritage Day with the San Jose Sharks at SAP Arena in San José, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday, February 21st, at 8:00 PM, Danish Duo Gangspil has an exclusive Bay Area concert at Cope-a-cabana in San Jose, CA. (See Below)
• On Thursday, February 27th at 8:00 PM, the most famous Irish Band (after U2), The Chieftains will perform at the Sunset Center in Carmel, CA, and on Saturday, Friday, February 28th at 8:00 PM at Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, CA. (See Below)
• Irish Trad Band Téada, from Sligo, Ireland, will tour a dozen West Coast cities, beginning on Saturday, February 22nd, at 7:30 PM in Templeton, CA. (See Below)
• On Friday, February 28th, 8:00 PM, it’s Welcome to Tergistan, as all four siblings and their bands take the stage in San Francisco, CA. (See Below)
• Friday, March 6th — Sunday, March 8th, the HUGE Sonora Celtic Faire, with dozens of regional bands, famous jousting and much much more happens in Sonora. (See Below)
• The 2nd annual Real Irish Comedy Festival will take place around the Bay Area from March 8th to March 17th, 2019. (See Below)
• Beginning on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2020, the Play, A Statue for Ballybunion, by former Mayor of San Jose, Tom McEnery, will make it’s U.S. debut and run for a week at the 3Below Theater in San Jose, CA. (See Below)

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• Co-Founder Cecilia Fábos-Becker’s e-book Ancestry & DNA: Beyond the basics, is available for download now! (See Below)
• Sport your Celtic heritage! AmeriCeltic offers a colorful array of items, each emblazoned with the AmeriCeltic logo. (See Below)
• Publican Carlos answers the many recent rumors about The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant with a New Video. (See Below)
Lark In The Morning is opening a new store location in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. Full service continues at their original shop in Berkeley, CA. (See Below)
The Plough and Stars, a SF Legacy Business, and THE place for Live Traditional Music in the inner Richmond district of San Francisco. (See Below)
The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, local Irish Pub bringing the culture of Ireland to downtown at 5th and Howard in San Francisco. (See Below)
• The Celtic Society of Monterey Bay, has a 32 year record of producing Celtic Concerts in various venues in and around Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. (See Below)
• The United Irish Cultural Center, hosts many Irish and other events in their large facility in San Francisco, CA. (See Below)
Catherine Barry’s Irish Culture Bay Area, offers a succinct listing of Irish events around Bay Area. (See Below)


Scan our feature articles below, or as always, you can click here to check the full listings on our website.

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Robert Burns

Scotland’s National Poet and Patriot
Robert Burns

Editorial: A Parcel of Celtic American Rogues?

Are Americans of Scottish, Irish and Scots-Irish descent repeating their Celtic Ancestors Failures?

By Cecilia Fábos-Becker – Published 2020-01-24

Over the past few weeks, as I was thinking about the upcoming Robert Burns celebrations, I listened again to that famous Scotsman’s castigation of the Scottish nobility for selling their countrymen’s birthright in 1707.

In that year, aggressor England deployed an English Army on Independent Scotland’s border, and then threatened to invade Scotland if the Scottish Parliament did not agree to accept England’s terms for a ‘United Kingdom’. Simultaneously, huge bribes were paid to supporters of Union that modern research has proved were NOT overdue salaries as claimed. At least four such payments were made to people who were not even members of the Scottish Parliament.

No less a figure of Scottish culture than Robert Burns denounced them for their treason in his wildly popular 1791 poem. Please join me now and listen to Alastair McDonald’s presentation of this most famous Scottish Anthem: A Parcel of Rogues in a Nation – Alastair McDonald.

As I write this Editorial, a Scots-Irish descendant named McConnell, is leading an effort to put a U.S. President above U.S. laws and the U.S. Constitution. An Irish descendant, ‘Mick’ Mulvaney, has said ‘so what if we combine personal U.S. politics with foreign aid,’ even to help a nation fight off an invasion by a larger power.

Read More …


Northern Ireland Assembly breaks Deadlock and re-opens Stormont

Update – Brexit

‘Stormont’ is Restored
Scotland seeks Independence

By Tony Becker – Published 2020-01-24

In the last few weeks, the House of Lords of the United Kingdom (UK), approved UK Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), but added five amendments, mostly aimed at protecting immigrant children. The UK House of Commons immediately began a series of votes with the Conservative Party (Tory) members voting enmass against the Lords amendments, and on Wednesday, January 22nd, rejected the last of these five amendments. Johnson’s WAB now seems to have cleared all challenges and will pass into law, so it seems inevitable that the UK will leave the European Union (EU) on Friday, January 31st, 2020, at midnight GMT.

The WAB, however, deals only with the separation, and says nothing about trade. The newly separate UK will need to negotiate new trade deals with the EU, as well as the rest of the planet, over an interim period of the next 11 months or more, a task likely to be even more fraught with friction than was the past three and one half years of the Brexit process thus far!

Beginning on Saturday, January 11th, the devolved Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly and executive were restored, thus avoiding a ‘snap’ General Election for the members of the Assembly of Northern Ireland, leaving Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster in the post of First Minister, and Sinn Féin vice president Michelle O’Neill deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. In the next weeks, Alex Maskey of Sinn Féin was elected Speaker, and ministerial jobs were distributed among all NI parties, including Alliance and SDLP. After three years of political deadlock, it seems Northern Ireland now has a functioning Government.

Johnson’s WAB has been strongly opposed by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), who feel it will result in Northern Ireland being treated differently than the rest of the UK because it imposes a customs check for goods entering or leaving the island of Ireland. Under Johnson’s WAB, Northern Ireland businesses and politicians will see a new trade barrier down the Irish Sea, which they fear will result in increased costs and delays with the needed checks on goods. In contrast, Sinn Féin, Alliance, and SDLP parties like the way it treats the island of Ireland as a single economic unit and keeps the border between NI and the rest of the island open and customs free.

Also in these past weeks, Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister of Scotland, again wrote to Boris Johnson, demanding the transfer of powers regarding independence referendums from the British parliament to the Scottish parliament. Johnson quickly replied, saying ‘another independence referendum would continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade, with Scottish schools, hospitals and jobs again left behind because of a campaign to separate the UK.’ This was a passive-aggressive way of telling Sturgeon to stop agitating for independence and get on with the business of governing Scotland. Sturgeon quickly replied, stating that Johnson’ refusal ‘will not stand’ and that it ‘is not politically sustainable for any Westminster government to stand in the way of the right of the people of Scotland to decide their own future.’

In our opinion, the one thing we can be certain of in these matters is that there will be more developments coming soon.


Ancient Imbolc Festival

Celebrate the Arrival of Spring
Traditional Dates: Saturday, February 1st – Sunday February 2nd

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, or Brigid’s Day, or just Brigid, the name Imbolc derives from Old Irish i mbolg, meaning in the belly, a time when ewes conceive their lambs, their udders fill, and the grass begins to grow. As Samhain does the fall, the Imbolc festival occurs half-way between the solstice and the equinox, and celebrates the onset of spring.

Imbolc was originally a pagan festival associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid in her role as a fertility goddess, and later Christianized as the feast of Saint Brigid. The weavings in the illustration at right are still made at this season every year, and called a ‘Saint Brigid’s Cross‘.

Imbolc is very ancient festival, at least 5000 years old in Ireland. At the neolithic Mound of the Hostages on the Hill of Tara, in County Meath, Ireland, the inner chamber is aligned with the rising sun on the dates of Imbolc and Samhain.

Imbolc is still celebrated around the Celtic world, often with great pageantry. There are several such events scheduled around the Bay Area every year.

Imbolc Ritual
Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF
Sunday, January 26th, 4:30 PM
Unitarian Universalist Society, Room 12, 2425 Sierra Blvd, Sacramento, CA

Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF says:

Come join the Sacramento ADF Druids as we celebrate Imbolc and honor the Goddess Brighid with ritual and song, and our famous post-ritual potluck! We will also be installing our new Grove officers, so we’d love to have you join us on this important day!

We assemble at 4:00 pm, and ritual begins at 4:30 pm & lasts around an hour, followed by food and fellowship afterwards. We do not close a circle, so you are allowed to arrive late; we simply ask that you join us quietly. Also, if you wish, feel free to bring a personal offering for any Ancestor, Nature Spirit, or Deity of your choosing to offer during our Praise Offerings. If you don’t have an offering please look to a grove member to point you to an available offering. We welcome you to pray at our good fire!

We’d love for you to bring a dish to share in one of our famous potlucks, but no one will be turned away from the table for lack of contribution; you’ll find that our spread is always impressive and delicious, and many food sensitivities are regularly taken into account.

Brigid Ritual
Reclaiming East Bay
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 5:30 PM
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA

Reclaiming East Bay says:

Join us around Brigid’s flaming cauldron for a mid-Winter magical journey to Brigid’s sacred well. We’ll end by lighting Her flaming cauldron and empowering our visions for the coming year.

Kids circle will be a key part of this ritual!

Please bring post-ritual snacks to share, items for silent auction, and money to bid. No drugs or alcohol before or during ritual, please. Site is accessible. Ramp access via Bonita Street entrance.

Silent auction follows ritual – please bring items to donate! Donation requested at door, no one turned away for lack of funds.

To read more about Imbolc, Click Here.


The Paperboys

The Paperboys

The Paperboys
Show Details
San Francisco, CA, Friday, January 24th, 7:30 PM

$20/$25 @ United Irish Cultural Center, 2700 45th Avenue

Sacramento, CA, Saturday, January 25th, 7:00 PM

$35 @ The Sofia at B Street Theatre, 2700 Capitol Avenue

The Paperboys are a Canadian folk music band from Vancouver that formed in 1991.The Paperboys blend Celtic folk with bluegrass, Mexican, Eastern European, African, zydeco, soul and country influences.  The band has had a variety of members and line-ups since its original formation, with Landa remaining as the sole founding member, although veteran banjoist/bassist Cam Salay often returns as a guest performer. Known for consistently creating pop songs with melodic hooks, their music has been called versatile, with a wide range of influences, melding diverse musical influences more successfully than some other Irish rock bands have previously.

The Paperboys first studio album, Late As Usual, was released on their own record label Stompy Discs in 1995. They also created Stomp Productions to produce and market their work themselves. Their first three studio albums have received Juno Award nominations, with 1997’s Molinos winning for the Roots and Traditional Album of the Year category. They also won a West Coast Music Award the same year.

Their album Postcards won a West Coast Music Award in 2000.

After the untimely death of drummer Paul Lawton, The Paperboys helped to finance a scholarship in his name.  The band has also appeared in and scored award-winning international films. They are noted for their version of Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’, which was part of a tribute album for Dylan’s 60th birthday. Their most recent release, and seventh album, was 2014’s At Peace With One’s Ghosts.

A staple at folk, roots, and bluegrass festivals in North America and Europe, The Paperboys have extensively toured both continents, performing in England, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Austria. Frequently featured on Canadian national television, The Paperboys have said in the past, ‘We get paid for the travel time, but play for free.’


Golden Bough

Golden Bough Burns Suppers

• Saturday January 25th, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Nevada City, CA, Gold Country Celtic Society, Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring Street, $80, Registration and Details

Golden Bough Shows
Friday, January 24th, at 8:00 PM in Benicia, CA

The Benicia Historical Museum at the Camel Barns, 2060 Camel Rd.
$25 Tickets

Sunday, January 26th, at 2:30 PM in Nevada City, CA

Besemer Concert Hall, 11417 Red Dog Road
$20 Tickets

Acclaimed trio, Golden Bough, moves across America with new show: Travelin’ Songs-The Best Of American Folk. Spanning the continent, Golden Bough links traditional folk songs with more recent favorites of the American Folk Revival from the 50’s-60’s. From working on the Railroads to leaving on that Jet plane, Golden Bough brings you the songs America loves. For those of you seeking an evening that offers a bit of history, virtuosic instrumentation, sweet and seamless vocals, the occasional yarn and irrepressible toe-tapping, seek no more. Golden Bough is your answer.

Here a link to their many music videos

Golden Bough is:
Margie Butler, lead vocals, harp, whistles, recorders
Paul Espinoza, vocals, guitar, accordion
Kathy Sierra, fiddle, whistles
For more information, email or check the website,

Rooted in the traditional music of the seven Celtic nations (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, The Isle of Man, French Brittany and Spanish Galicia), Golden Bough has become a popular and in-demand group on both sides of the Atlantic. Since their formation in 1980, this trio of modern day minstrels has traveled great distances to numerous countries, to bring their music to enthusiastic folk fans the world over. Backing themselves on an array of acoustic instruments; Celtic harp, guitar, octave-mandolin, mandolin, accordion, violin, penny-whistle and bodhran, they blend their voices in the pristine harmonies that have become a Golden Bough trademark. To date they have released over 30 recordings. In the recording studio, as well as on stage, Golden Bough captures the essence and joy of traditional music.

For more on Golden Bough, email or check the website:
For more on the venue, check the website:



Robert Burns

Robert Burns Celebrations

Celebrating the National Poet Of Scotland

Robert Burns (January 25, 1759 – July 21, 1796) was a poet and a lyricist. Burns is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland, and is the best-known of the poets who have written in the Scots language, although much of his writing is also in English and a ‘light’ Scots dialect which would have been accessible to a wider audience than native Scottish speakers. Burns wrote many blunt political and civil commentaries about the Scottish condition. For more on Robert Burns, Click Here.

This is also the time of year when Scots everywhere organize formal gatherings to commemorate Robert Burns and all things Scottish at Burns Suppers, with plenty of Burns poetry, Highland Dancing, Pipers, readings of Burns ‘Address tae the Haggis’, Toasts to the Lads & Lassies, and Entertainment of all kinds Celtic.

Act Now! Find a Burns Suppers near you (list below) and claim a spot, but remember that they generally have a deadline for reservations weeks in advance, and they sell out quickly.

Burns Events in Northern California

• Saturday January 25th, 2020, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Oakland, CA, Annual Robert Burns Supper, Commonwealth Cafe and Pub, 2882 Telegraph Avenue, For more info, email Elizabeth Alford or check their Facebook Page:
• Saturday January 25th, 2020, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Nevada City, CA, Gold Country Celtic Society 28th Annual Robert Burns Dinner And Concert with Golden Bough, Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring Street, $80, For Details, or call Carolyn (530)346-2565 or email
• Saturday January 25th, 2020, 5:30 PM, Pleasanton, CA, 26th Annual PBFSCO Burns Supper, Pleasanton Marriott, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, $85 Advance Registration Required:
• Saturday January 25th, 2020, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Reno, NV, Nevada Society of Scottish Clans 39th Annual Robert Burns Supper, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, 2500 E 2nd St, $62.50, Details and Ticket Purchase link at
• Saturday January 25th, 2020, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Scotts Valley, CA, Loch Lomond Celtic Society Burns Supper, Bruno’s Bar and Grill, 230 Mt Hermon Rd., Email questions to

• Saturday, January 25th, 2020, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Escalon, CA, Escalon Scottish Cultural Association Burns Supper, Escalon Masonic Lodge, Escalon, CA, For Details, email Dave Mackintosh
• Saturday, January 25th, 2020, 6:00 PM Bakersfield, CA, Kern County Scottish Society – Burns Supper
• Saturday, February 1st, 2020, 5:30 PM, Dixon, CA, Dixon Scottish Association Burns Supper, Masonic Lodge Hall, 1655 Da Vinci Court, $40 Advance Tickets Required by 1/25/20. Details online at or call or email Sandy Scott 707-678-3315 or
• Saturday, February 1st, 2020, 6:00 PM, San Francisco, CA, Saint Andrews Society of San Francisco’s 158th Annual Robert Burns Supper, Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel, 609 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA, $150 Advance Registration Required by 1/23/20, or email Irene Waldman


More on Tempest

VIDEOS: Click Here!

Artist sites and sounds:
Mail order CDs directly from Tempest:

Tempest Celtic Rock
Show Details

Soquel, CA Saturday, January 25th, 8:00 PM

Michael’s on Main, 2591 Main St.
Ages 21+ / Dancing, $15 adv./$15 door
More Details at the Facebook Event
Venue info. email Tom Miller
or call 831-335-2526.

Winters, CA Saturday, February 1st, 8:00 PM

The Palms, 13 Main Street
$12 – $22

Berkeley, CA Saturday, February 15th, 8:00 PM

With Avalon Rising
Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, 1317 San Pablo Avenue
$20 – $22

Pleasanton, CA Saturday, February 22nd, 9:00 PM

Main St. Brewery, 830 Main St.

This month, Tempest is welcoming its newest member, fiddler and vocalist Lee Corbie-Wells!

Since forming in 1988, Tempest has delivered a globally-renowned hybrid of high-energy Folk Rock fusing Irish reels, Scottish ballads, Norwegian influences and other world music elements. The last 30 years have seen the San Francisco Bay Area based act release seventeen critically acclaimed CDs and play more than 2,500 gigs. It’s also enjoyed an evolving line-up that’s enabled musicianship and creativity to rise with each new member.

Signed to Carta Records, Tempest’s releases are acclaimed worldwide. Just a year ago, the group celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary with a fab new studio CD, Thirty Little Turns, a collection of inspired new original and traditional material — with a cheeky surprise or two.

‘Tempest Rocks, all right, but it’s forte is folkrock with a decidedly Celtic accent, drawing on traditions stretching hundreds of years.’
— Chicago Tribune



An Irish Céilí

Céilí @ Henflings

Traditional Irish Dance
Saturday, January 25th, 8:00 PM
Music by The Crooked Road

Henflings Tavern, 9450 Highway 9, Ben Lomond, CA

Lively Irish dance with music from The Crooked Road, a posse of fierce local Celtic style players. Representing trad Celtic heritage in the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Crooked Road honors the famous Trout Farm céilí dances by bringing the craic to the newly remodeled Henflings of Ben Lomond. Bring your dancin’ shoes! There is nothing else like this anywhere, so make plans to bring friends and family (21 and over) to experience the true Irish music and dance tradition!

Julie says:
If you are new to traditional Irish Dancing & Music that’s great, read on! Céili Dance: A céili (kay-lee) is a traditional Irish gathering for fun, fellowship, and laughs (or craic, as the Irish might say). Traditional ceili dances were enjoyed at house parties and corner road gatherings in the rural countrysides in Ireland. Decades later, they are still danced in Ireland and throughout the States.

Wear cool lightweight clothing – or layers so you can peel when things warm up. Leather soled shoes that glide are preferable (sneakers tend to stick ). If your hip creaks and you’d just like to watch from the sidelines, that’s ok too. Free style dancing is always encouraged. Have a Jamo and think Riverdance!

Tonight’s music features the best Irish style musicians the Santa Cruz area has to offer! Featuring traditional Celtic (pronounced with a hard C) music on fiddle, hammered dulcimer, flute, Irish whistle, button accordion, concertina, 4-string tenor banjo, guitar, and bodhran (pronounced “bau-ron,” the Irish drum).

Henflings of Ben Lomond has a fully functional kitchen and robust bar menu. Come early for nosh and be prepared for an intimate evening of laughter, dancing, and Irish music! No cover, seating is first come first served – this is a cozy venue!

Details on Facebook.


Chris McCann
Scholar Chris McCann

ILHS Speaker Series: Scholar Chris McCann

Music and Social Hierarchy in Irish Literature
Sunday January 26th, 5:00 PM

The United Irish Cultural Center, St. Patrick’s Room, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Scholar Chris McCann will present Music and Social Hierarchy in Irish Literature on Sunday January 26, 2020.

Music is a potent symbol of community allegiance (and divergence) in Irish culture. As symbol, as performance, as narrative turn, authors of Irish prose fiction often use music to explore the complex nature of affiliation. Literary employment of musical devices inevitably leads to moments of cohesion and division that mirror existing social hierarchies.

The conditions of the twentieth century, in which the rapid onset of modernity counters efforts to preserve traditional Irish culture, exacerbated social imbalances in Ireland. This contributed greatly to the ceaseless flow of Irish emigration in the middle of the century. In this context, music, song, and dance can perform a related but different function: providing a unifying means of reasserting the self within Irish diaspora culture in the face of disrupted social organization and disoriented identity.

This discussion addresses Irish musical-literary responses to the challenges posed by social and spatial hierarchies across the last century. It surveys music as a device in the works of diverse authors, from Joyce and Seán Ó Faoláin to Breandán Ó hEithir and Éilis Ní Dhuibhne, and assesses how music functions between text and community in Ireland and the diaspora.

Chris McCann is a doctoral scholar in English at the National University of Ireland Galway. His project, entitled Revealing Social Hierarchy Through Music in Irish Literature, is supported by the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Award. A forthcoming publication stemming from this research looks at Breandán Ó hEithir’s use of music in Lead Us Into Temptation. Chris completed his MA, entitled Singing Exile: Music in Irish Emigration Literature, at The University of Notre Dame Fremantle in Western Australia in 2017.


Jim & Susie Malcolm

Jim & Susie Malcolm

Jim and Susie Malcolm Tour of Northern California, OR, and WA

Tuesday January 27 through Sunday February 16th, 2019

Jim Malcolm’s family roots are in Perthshire and Strathclyde, and he is a graduate of Edinburgh University. Like many folk musicians, he began his career by singing in pubs, clubs and hotels in his native country. Solo tours to England, Ireland, Denmark and Germany followed, and then further adventures to such far-off places as Uganda in Africa. Joining the already established and popular Celtic folk/rock band Old Blind Dogs brought him fame in the acoustic music festival scene across Europe and North America.

Video – Jim Malcolm: Flowers of Edinburgh

This time, Jim is joined by his wife Susie Malcolm, an award-winning Scottish traditional singer, who has been performing with Jim Malcolm throughout Scotland for 20 years and more. Susie sings complex harmonies in a traditional style, and is known as a tradition bearer for the ancient ballads of Scotland, with particular expertise in the bothy ballad tradition from North East Scotland. Performing together, Jim and Susie Malcolm offer our audience a unique cultural experience.

• Tuesday January 28, 2020 Soquel CA House concert, presented by the Celtic Society of Monterey Bay, 7:30 PM. Suggested donation $20. Address and directions will be supplied on sign-up. To buy your ticket, please visit:
• Wednesday January 29, 2020 San Francisco CA Friendly house concert in the Outer Sunset neighborhood. Tapas, drinks and conversation at 6:30 PM, concert at 7:30 PM. Suggested donation $25. Seating is limited and likely to sell out; to sign up please email Sue:
• Thursday January 30, 2020 Berkeley CA House concert at the private and historic home of Celia Ramsay and Kent Rasmussen, 7:30 PM (doors open 7 PM). Artist donation $25. Free wine and nibbles at intermission. To secure your seat please email or call 707-337-0498. The address will be supplied to those who sign up.
• Friday January 31, 2020 Lakeport CA KPFZ presents Jim & Susie Malcolm in concert, 8 PM. Fore Family Winery Tasting Room. Tickets $20 for KPFZ members and $22 for non members. Doors open 7 PM; concert 7:30 PM. For information and reservations please call 707-262-0525 or email Venue address: 3920 Main Street, Kelseyville CA 95451. Thanks to Susan Krones of KPFZ for producing this concert.
• Saturday February 1, 2020 Chico CA ARC Pavilion, 2040 Park Avenue, Chico. Doors open 7 PM music 7:30 PM. Tickets $20 available at Pullins Cyclery, 801 Main St. Chico or email for reservations. More information by calling Steve at 530-354-6868.
• Sunday February 2, 2020 Davis CA House concert at the home of Bill Wagman, 7 PM. Suggested donation $25. To reserve your place please email or Tel: 530-753-3472.
• Monday February 3, 2020 Mendocino CA Private House Concert. For information please contact Lorie at
• Thursday February 6, 2020 Corvallis OR Corvallis Folklore Society presents Jim and Susie Malcolm in concert at First Congregational United Church, 4515 SW West Hills Rd, Corvallis OR 97333, 7:30 PM. Tickets available from Jan 5 from Grassroots Bookstore, 227 SW 2nd, Corvallis: $20 in advance or $22 at the door ($2 discount for CFS or seniors) or online here: Further info: Dick Thies: 541-753-8307
• Friday February 7, 2020 Olympia WA Concert at the wonderful New Traditions Cafe, 7:30 PM. Tickets $22 (students and low income $15), available in advance by calling New Traditions on: 360-705-2819. Venue address: 300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501.
• Saturday February 8, 2020 Tualatin OR Second Saturday Community Concerts at Winona Grange, Tualatin, 7:30 PM (doors 6.45 PM). Tickets available online from December 15: Tickets $15 students/children, $20 general (with small booking fee) or $25 at the door. Thanks to Sam Keator for presenting this concert – it’s always a good one!
• Sunday February 9, 2020 McMinnville OR Private house concert.
• Friday February 14, 2020 Lummi Island WA Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Jim and Susie Malcolm at the Congregational Church on Lummi Island. Doors open 6 PM; concert 6:30-8:30 PM sharp (to allow for catching the 8.50 PM ferry). Before the concert Jo Philpot will play tunes with an Outlander theme on harp, and Valerie See will play a short warm-up set on mini bagpipes. Suggested donation of $15-$20, including snacks beforehand and bubbly at the intermission. Reserve your seat by email to or call 360-758-7333. Venue address: 3913 Legoe Bay Rd, Lummi Island, WA 98262.
• Saturday February 15, 2020 Seattle WA Seattle Folklore Society, 7:30 PM – 10 PM. Phinney Neighborhood Center (lower building), 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle. Tickets in advance: $20/$18 SFS or PNA member, student, senior/$10 Youth to age 17; Available on-line from December 15 from:, or in person at prior SFS concerts. At the door $2 more for adults ($22/$20/$10), cash or check only. Doors open at 7 PM. Always a great gig!
• Sunday February 16, 2020 Bellingham WA Nancy’s Farm, 2:00 PM. Suggested donation $20, payable at the door. Concerts at Nancy’s Farm are by invitation only, so if you would like to attend, please call 360-739-5651.



David Brewer, host, Celtic Music Night

Celtic Music Night!

7:00 PM, Tuesday January 21st and Wednesday January 29th

St. Andrews Church, 9850 Monroe Ave., Aptos, CA

Celtic Music Night is a donation based series, and as is tradition, each of these fun-filled evenings include a bagpipe procession, concert of music by a featured special guest artist, Q&A with the group, complimentary refreshments, and an open Celtic music jam session with the players afterward, and is open to ALL ages. Come be a part of it! Mark your calendars now! Spread the word! Grab your friends, family, neighbors, and instruments!

Tuesday January 14th, at 7:00 PM:
Adam Hendey’s feature night! Making his vocal debut at Celtic Music Night, guitarist and singer Adam Hendey presents a concert of folk ballads featured alongside new arrangements of music from his 2016 solo album, Forward. Accompanied by The Fire Scottish Band accomplice David Brewer, Hendey’s gentle singing shares songs of love, longing, and hope to welcome in the New Year.

Tuesday January 21st, at 7:00 PM:
David Brewer’s feature night! Known for his dynamic virtuosity on a stunning array of musical instruments, David Brewer (The Bard of Boulder Creek) is excited to share his own interpretations of favorite songs and hidden gems from the Celtic repertoire as well as exhilarating arrangements of traditional tunes. Backed up by accompanist Adam Hendey of The Fire Scottish Band, Brewer brings listeners along on a compelling tour of tunes and songs from Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, and beyond

*Wednesday January 29th, at 7:00 PM:
David Brewer And Adam Hendey feature night! (rumors of mysterious special guests…) Bringing together high-energy bagpiping and dynamic accompaniment, multi-instrumentalists Adam Hendey and David Brewer join forces to present an inspiring tour de force of traditional and contemporary Celtic music.

Having both lived and studied in Scotland, Hendey and Brewer draw from a vast repertoire of traditional tunes and original compositions – including soft slow airs, exuberant jigs, roaring reels, and more.

The duo’s delicately arranged harmonies and dazzling instrumental virtuosity combine to give commanding performances that will captivate audiences with spirited displays of Scottish and world folk music.

Celtic Music Night website:
Celtic Music Night Facebook page:

Celtic Music Night is a FREE event, run by donations of any amount at the door if possible to help it continue– just contribute what you can that makes sense for you, and your support is greatly appreciated in keeping folk tradition going. CDs and recordings of the artists are also available for purchase.

As is tradition, each of these fun-filled evenings at  Celtic Music Night include a bagpipe procession, concert of music by a featured special guest artist, Q&A with the group, complimentary refreshments, and an open Celtic music jam session with the players afterward, so bring your instruments, questions, and good vibes and ALL of this is ALL ages, and ALL for a nominal donation of any size at the door. So grab your friends, family, instruments, and head out to Aptos for a good time the way nature intended!


Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy in San Francisco

Thursday, January 30th at 8:00 PM

SF Masonic, 1111 California St, San Francisco, CA

Dermot Kennedy’s rapid rise is nothing short of astounding. In two short years, he has gone from playing his first US club show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY to announcing his debut at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, along with his longest North American tour to date.

Full Details and Tickets.

On his brilliant debut album, Without Fear, young Dubliner, Dermot Kennedy, draws inspiration from all the moments of brightness and darkness this world has to offer, crafting music that’s at once soaring and intimate, stripped-back and explosive. The work showcases Kennedy as a writer in possession of a sophistication well beyond his 26 years. He pens lyrics with a poet’s eye and a rapper’s precision, conjuring vivid imagery and transfixing audiences with the unique rhythm and flow of his soulful delivery.

‘When I do a gig, I gather people say, ‘Oh it’s amazing how you’re so passionate and put that energy out there’, he recounts. ‘That’s because I give you all I’ve got. If 4,000 people show up and put their faith in me … I just feel like I’ve got an obligation.’

Stuttery hip-hop and R&B-influenced percussion underpins his weathered vocals as he combines organic and electronic elements into an arresting, emotional blend that calls to mind the adventurous arrangements of Bon Iver, James Blake, and James Vincent McMorrow.

Check Dermot’s website here:


The New World String Project

Lisa Lynne and
Aryeh Frankfurter

Thursday, February 6th, 7:30 PM

Bohemian Art Loft, 3304B Bechelli Ln, Redding, CA

Advance Tickets

$15 – $20, Click Here

These shows feature Celtic harp and multi-instrumentalist duo Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter playing two Celtic harps, the rare Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukrainian Bandura, Cittern and more. The audience will hear traditional instrumental music from Sweden and Ireland as well as heartwarming original compositions blended with stories of humor and adventure.

Lisa and Aryeh share a background as progressive rock musicians who later discovered a love for Celtic, Renaissance and Swedish music on unique acoustic instruments.

Lisa Lynne is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring her Celtic Harp. She is widely acclaimed for composing memorable and heartwarming melodies on the Windham Hill/Sony music labels that have repeatedly placed in the Top 10 & Top 20 on the Billboard New age music charts. Lisa tours year round performing at large US festivals and performing art centers. Her work in Therapeutic music has gained recognition from NBC, CNN, and numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Wall Street Journal. Lisa’s music is heard throughout the award winning PBS special “Alone in the Wilderness”, amongst many other soundtracks for commercial television and independent films.

Aryeh Frankfurter is also a renowned Celtic harper and world traveling multi-instrumentalist who went from virtuosic progressive rock violin to intricate Swedish folk and Celtic Music. He began with Classical violin at the age of three, his early studies and successes led him to explore various ethnic and international musical genres. Aryeh taught himself to play a variety of instruments bowed and plucked and most recently the rarely seen Swedish Nyckelharpa. His uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, his numerous critically and commercially successful albums have earned him credit as a musician, recording and performance artist of extraordinary talents and abilities.

For more information, please contact: Lisa Lynne (415) 275-1466 or check The Facebook Event.


The New World String Project

The New World String Project

98 Strings | Mostly True Stories

John Weed • Aryeh Frankfurter • Lisa Lynne • Stuart Mason

This Celtic Supergroup brings together four mighty players who weave a shimmering sonic tapestry from Celtic, Nordic and American folk traditions. Fiddler John Weed and guitarist Stuart Mason also play together in the long-running Celtic band Molly’s Revenge. And Celtic harp master Lisa Lynne, who gained international renown via recordings and tours with the label Windham Hill, often performs in a duo with NWSP-mate Aryeh Frankfurter, an expert on harp and Swedish nyckelharpa. Together, these intrepid string explorers take audiences on a thrilling, melodically exuberant musical ride.

Click Here for their videos.

New World String Project California Tour:
• Friday February 7th, 7:00 PM, Fort Bragg, CA, Oak & Thorn Presents, Gloriana Musical Theater at Eagles Hall, $20 adv, $25 door, Details/Tickets:
• Saturday February 8th, 7:00 PM, Gilroy, CA, Details TBA at
• Sunday February 9th, 3:00 PM, San Mateo, CA, $30 at Filoli Estate events webpage.
• Sunday February 9th, 7:00 PM, Menlo Park, CA, Details TBA at

Check out all their info at, or email Lisa Lynne



SFGAA Dinner Dance
Music, & Awards Presentations

Friday, February 7th, 7:30 PM

Spanish Cultural Center, 2850 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA

What is GAA?

For those unfamiliar with GAA football, one Dubliner described it to us as follows:

GAA football is a mash-up of American Football, Rugby and Soccer (football), spiced with Irish nationalism.

In a GAA football match, more points are scored than in soccer, but not as many points as an American football game.

The Western Divisional Board San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association (SFGAA) Dinner Dance, Music, and Awards Presentations, with SFGAA Hall of Fame Inductees Frank Jordan and Eamon Reilly, will be held on Friday, February 7th, at the Spanish Cultural Center, 2850 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco.

No host bar begins at 6:30 PM and dinner will be served at 7:30 PM.

Tickets are $100 per person. Contact Bertie Penny 415-244-5531, or any SFGAA Board Member.

More on the Facebook Event.

Checkout the SFGAA Website:



Wake the Dead is Danny Carnahan (vocals, fiddle, octave mandolin), Sylvia Herold (vocals, guitar), Paul Kotapish (vocals, mandolin), Kevin Carr (uilleann pipes, fiddle), Cindy Browne (bass) and Brian Rice (exotic percussion).

Danny Carnahan to teach Songwriting & Beginning Ukulele classes

Danny Carnahan

Ten weeks of  1-hr. classes start January 27th at Blue Bear School of Music, Albany, CA. For all the info, please visit

Wake the Dead Spring mini-tour

World’s Only Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band

WAKE THE DEAD, the World’s Only Celtic All-Star Party Band, at first impressing the Dead themselves enough for them to release the début Wake the Dead CD on Grateful Dead/Arista Records, now extends their reach to embrace the entire Summer of Love.

Click Here for the Studio-Produced Videos of Wake the Dead!

First known for weaving jigs and reels into the songs of the Grateful Dead, this hot Bay Area acoustic sextet now Celtifies the entire Summer of Love including the Airplane, Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield and even the Beatles.

Twenty years of rocking acoustic joy and still going strong. Fans are guaranteed brand-new surprises at every show.


Friday, February 7th, 8:30 PM
Michael’s On Main, 2591 Main Street, Soquel, CA
Tix: $15 adv/$18 door
For tix, go to
Michael’s info line: 831-479-9777
Our first time at Michael’s, but all you Santa Cruz friends should know how to get there.  We’re told it’s a better listening and dancing house than dear, old Don Quixote’s, so bring your groundhog and dancing shoes!

Saturday, March 21st, 8:00 PM
Kanbar Center For The Performing Arts

At the Osher Marin JCC, 200 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA
For tix, visit:
or visit
Info line: 916-443-5300
This is another St. Patrick’s Day party. Like last time, there’ll be Irish set dance instruction and dancing before the show and a prodigious quantity of Irish food and appropriate malt beverages. Plus a brand-new show, of course.

Friday, April 24th 8:00 PM
Terrapin Crossroads, 100 Yacht Club Drive, San Rafael, CA
Tix: $26 adv/$30 door
For tix, visit
Terrapin info line: 415-524-2773
Yeah, yeah, what can we say about Terrapin? the Carnegie Hall of venues for our wonderful demographic. Our first shot at the Grate Room was a stunner, raising plenty of eyebrows and getting us asked back. So we expect the same exquisite sound, lovely staff, and really happy crowd for our return.

Saturday, April 25th, 8:00 PM
B Street At The Sofia, 2700 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA
Tix: $35
For tix, visit
or visit
Sofia info line: 916-443-5300
Our first show here last year was big fun. The hall is spacious, with plenty of room for dancing or sitting and grinning. The sound is really great- these guys want to be for Sacramento what the Freight is for Berkeley and they’re dialing it in beautifully.
And just added – We’ll have an opening act – The McKeever School of Irish Dance, a popular local troupe, presenting a short set of dances and warm you all up for the more tie-dyed portion of the evening.

Full Details, updates and ticket links check



Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers

Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers Valentine’s Ball

Saturday, February 8th, at 6:30 PM

Oakland Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA

The Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers, are holding their annual Valentine’s Ball. This Scottish Country, Highland, and Step Dancing Performance Group of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, is a company dedicated to keeping alive the spirit and form of Scottish dances, old and new. Our repertoire spans four centuries of dance tradition. Period costumes and musical stylings bring the past to the present.

Music by Thistle House
Dave Wiesler (keyboard), David Knight (fiddle) & Dan Emery (pipes & flute)

• 6:30 – Social
• 7:00 – Grand March & Ball
• 11:00 – Buffet

Please visit the San Francisco Branch website,, contact the registrar: Amélie Nicolay, amelie.nicolay, or ask any SF Branch Member for information on this event.

Facebook Event |
Facebook Page |

On Sunday, February 2nd 1 PM South Bay Scottish Dancers will have their annual Review preceeding the Valentine’s Ball. Check out the Facebook event at


Eamonn Flynn

Eamonn Flynn

Eamonn Flynn
Wednesday Night Live in the Lounge

February 7th, 7:00 PM

Empress Theater, 330 Virginia St, Vallejo, CA

Dublin, Ireland born keyboardist, singer and songwriter Eamonn Flynn was the session Hammond organist and pianist on the 14 million selling movie soundtrack ‘The Commitments’.

Eamonn new album, Black Coddle, has a unique blend of Irish and American music and featuring Eamonn’s original songs, vocals and piano front and central. The album features contributions from some amazing Irish and American musicians, including Michael, Shay and Róisín O from the Black Family, Chris Cain, Jeff Tamelier, Todd Denman, Darryl Anders, Kevin Hayes, Tamar Gillette, Sanara Pippins, Jamie Brewer, Conor Brady, Joel Jaffe, Mike Rinta, Shelly Bukspan, Jorden Bukspan, Andrew MacNamara, Cormac Gannon, Blyss Gould and Ruth Davies.

Check out the Black Coddle video: Click Here to view the music video ‘Black Coddle’

More on the Facebook Event:


Dan and Laurel

Dan and Laurel

Dan and Laurel’s Sweetheart Valentine’s Show!
with Amanda West with Pete Solomon

Saturday, February 15th, at 6:00 PM

Alba Schoolhouse, 12070 Alba Road, Ben Lomond, CA

Canadian-American duo Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen, ‘Prodigious players with songwriting that sets them apart,’ combine emotive, soaring violin, diverse guitar styles, and unique vocal chemistry for a ‘…match made in heaven.’

Tickets $15 / $5 youth. Space is limited and will likely sell out ahead of time, so please pre-order your tickets here Doors open at 5:00 PM, and the show starts at 6:00 PM.

Now based in Northern California, their third album was top ten on the Canadian Roots charts in 2016. They have toured North America extensively, made their European debut in 2017, and will be releasing their fourth duo album in 2018.

Dan and Laurel say:
‘Please join us for an intimate evening of love songs & stories with two favorite local folk duos from the Santa Cruz Mountains in a special historic venue’

Here are few videos: and

There are more videos on their website:

Amanda West with Pete Solomon:
Amanda and Pete are co-creators of life, children, and music. As a multi-instrumentalist, Englishman-of-many-hats, Pete offers a diverse range of accompaniment to Amanda’s award-winning original “thoughtful heart” songs. Together they have recorded and produced over five albums of original material. Their musical journey has carried them around the world on two tours of Europe & the UK, as well as many times up and down the West Coast of the U.S. This year (2020) marks the 10th anniversary of their wedding release album, “Truth, Love & Understanding”, sentiments that weave the foundation of their unusual lives built around music, creativity and parenthood.

Check Dan and Laurel’s Release Facebook Event or check the venue website


Fortunate Strangers

Fortunate Strangers House Concert

Saturday, February 15, 7:00 PM

Brewery Arts Center, 449 W King St, Carson City, NV

Join Celia Ramsay, Kathy Bly, and Joe Bly with special guest, Holly Sternberg for an evening of Celtic-flavored music.

Tickets available soon at The Brewery Arts Center.
Check the Facebook Event here.

Fortunate Strangers combines the experience of Celtic performers from the Bay Area and the High Sierra. Celia Ramsay’s haunting voice and extensive experience in Scottish folk music, combined with Joe & Kathy Bly’s long history of Irish music, blend to create a musical experience that is both lush and full, or spare and angular depending on what the music calls for. The stories within the songs leap out in stark relief, unmasked and fully present.

Why did they choose the name Fortunate Strangers? Ah, there’s a wee story! In 2010, Celia and her husband were touring the Irish town of Dingle. One evening, they decided to visit O’Flaherty’s pub, known for its music sessions, and across the room, Celia saw familiar faces. She wasn’t sure how she knew these people, but headed across the room to figure it out. Joe was thinking the same thing, and after a moment’s conversation, they put it together: Joe, Kathy and Celia were all denizens of Lark Music Camp in Mendocino, California. Over a couple of rounds of beer, Kathy and Joe explained they were hiking the Dingle Way. It was a fortunate small-world meeting of folks who didn’t know each other, but now are fast friends.


GAA Irish Day

Irish Heritage Day with the San Jose Sharks!

Irish Heritage Day with the San Jose Sharks!

Monday, February 17th at 1:00 PM

The SAP Center at San Jose, 525 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA

What is Gaelic Football?

I usually describe Gaelic Football as a sport played on a football pitch and composed of equal parts of rugby, American football, what we in America know as soccer, and Irish Nationalism.

Gaelic Football is a sport unique to Ireland, created in 1884 by group of Irishmen gathered in the billiard room of the Hayes’ Hotel in Liberty Square, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland in the midst of the Gaelic Revival. The Gaelic Athletic Association, (GAA) was founded there, and by 1887 they had established the unique rules of Gaelic Football which are largely unchanged today and are still governed by the GAA from their base at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.

The GAA has more than a dozen Gaelic Football teams who compete in the Bay Area of California. Learn more on their website:
– Tony Becker

The San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association have gleefully announced an Irish Heritage Partnership with the San Jose Sharks!

St. Patrick’s Day comes to the SAP Arena early this year as we host the Irish Community for the Sharks as they take on the Florida Panthers Monday, February 17th at 1:00 PM.

Tickets start at $52. Please click on this Link for tickets and further Info, and use promo code IRISH to unlock this special offer!

We’ve partnered with The San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association & our local Irish communities to put together this special event package that includes a co-branded item.




Gangspil Concert in San José
Sonnich Lydom & Kristian Bugge

Friday, February 21st, 8:00 PM

Potluck: 7:00 – 8:00 PM | Concert 8:00 – 10:00 PM

$15 Cash at the Door | RSVP for Gangspil Concert:

‘Two of Denmark’s leading folk musicians take you along on a tour around the music traditions of their home country!’

For many years Sonnich Lydom (accordion, harmonica, vocals) and Kristian Bugge (fiddle, vocals) kept meeting in many corners of the blooming Danish folk scene, often when there was a jam session going on and finally decided to bring some of that fun to the stage. After playing and touring together since 2015, they’ve built a following in both Europe and North America.

Sonnich Lydom (accordion, harmonica) and Kristian Bugge (fiddle) deliver an entertaining and variated journey through the traditions of Danish folk music, performing old dance tunes and songs from every corner of their Scandinavian home country. From rural islands like Læsø to the metropol Copenhagen, including a few of their own compositions. Expect everything from wild polkas and jigs to lyrical waltzes, fiery reels and happy hopsas, plus the exotic ‘Sønderhoning’ dance tunes from the famous Island of Fanø, and long forgotten songs from all over the country. An unforgettable live experience spiced up with humor and stories from their many years on the road.

Watch Gangspil Videos:

Sonnich is a master of Irish, French-Canadian, and especially Danish traditional tunes. During the last 25 years he’s been leading the revival for diatonic accordion and harmonica in the Danish folk music. Sonnich holds a special place in his heart for the music from the Western Island of Fanø, where his family is deeply rooted.
He is best know from his work with the ULC trio and later quintet (adding jazz pianist Peter Rosendal and bassist Mads Vinding). ULC recieved the Danish Music Award (Danish ‘Grammy’) in the category ‘Folk Album of the year’ in 2001 and 2004.

Kristian has specialized in the strong Danish folk music traditions. He is very active on the Danish and Scandinavian folk music scene as well as in the rest of Europe and North America, both as a musician and teacher, and his debut CD was awarded ‘Danish debut of the year’ and ‘Danish Folk Instrumentalist of the year’ at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2006. At the same occasion in 2012, Kristian received the prize as ‘Danish Folk Artist of the Year and latest in 2016 he was awarded ‘Danish Folk Musician of the Year’. More info:

More info on the Gangspil Website:

Over the past three years, San José fans of traditional music have gained a new venue, through the good works of local lad Bill Cope and his bed and breakfast, Cope-a-cabana! in San José. Let’s thank Bill by purchasing all the available seats for this Teada Concert

For more on Bill’s Celtic House Concerts, check the Cope-a-cabana Facebook Page here!


The Chieftains

The Chieftains
Authentic Music of the Emerald Isle
Show Details:

Carmel, CA Thursday, February 27th, 8:00 PM

Sunset Center, San Carlos Street
$69 and up Tickets

Berkeley, CA Saturday, Friday, February 28th, 8:00 PM

Zellerbach Auditorium, 101 Zellerbach Hall #4800
$36 and up Tickets

The sweetest sounds this side of County Cork! Far and away ‘the world’s best-loved Irish folk band, both for their superb musicianship and their sense of adventure’ (The Guardian, London), the Chieftains cap 57 years of music making with a tour for the ages. Beloved by fans for bringing the elegant simplicity and fiery virtuosity of Irish folk music into a dizzying array of musical contexts—including collaborations with Ry Cooder, Mick Jagger, Bon Iver, and traditional musicians from Mexico—the six-time Grammy winners are equally at home in a grand concert hall or an after-hours pub jam session. Don’t miss a chance to say goodbye to these folk music legends!

The Chieftains were formed in 1962 by Paddy Moloney, from the ranks of the top folk musicians in Ireland. It wasn’t until 1975 that The Chieftains began playing together full time. Although their early following was purely a folk audience, the range and variation of their music very quickly captured a much broader public, making them today the best known Irish band in the world.

Equally comfortable playing an Irish session as a concert at Carnegie Hall, The Chieftains bring a spirited and infectious joy to every performance. They have been involved in such historic events as being the first Western group to perform on the Great Wall of China, the first group to give a concert in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC (at the invitation of former Speaker, Thomas ‘Tip’ O’ Neill), as well as Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ performance in Berlin in 1990, and in October of 2001, Paddy performed at a Ground Zero memorial service in New York for the victims of September 11th. They have performed with many symphony and folk orchestras worldwide, and with some of the biggest names in rock, pop and traditional music in Ireland and around the world.

For the Chieftains videos: Click Here.

Music this beautifully articulated allows cultures to talk to one another across time, space, language, and other divides. – AllMusic

They seem ageless, and so does their Irish music. If common sense tells you they can’t go on forever, you wouldn’t know it from their electrifying performance. — Boston Globe

Over the years, they’ve become something like a musical genealogical society, climbing out onto the branches of Celtic music’s family tree and plucking delicious fruit. — St. Paul Pioneer Press

For more about The Chieftains, check their website here.


Cope-a-cabana Celtic Music Session

Téada West Coast Tour

Oisín Mac Diarmada
Seamus Begley
Samantha Harvey

One of the preeminent Celtic bands on the world circuit, Téada, led by fiddler Oisín Mac Diarmada, has performed extensively world-wide as headliners at many major festivals earning a reputation as one of the best – if not the best – Irish Trad bands playing today! We are very fortunate to have them perform for us here on the West Coast!

There’s a rich sense of continuity in the sets and of boundless energy bereft of egotism in the playing.Siobhán Long, The Irish Times (4-star Review)

At the cutting edge of the next generation of Irish musicians … with a fierce familiarity with the old ways.Irish Music Magazine

If you have attended any of the Irish Christmas In America concerts over the years, you will recognize Oisín and especially his spouse, dancer Samantha Harvey, who hails from the Monterey Bay Area.

Check out their performance for live TV in Ireland Click Here

More on the Téada website:

• Saturday, February 22nd, 7:30 PM, Castoro Cellars, 1315 N Bethel Rd, in Templeton, CA, $20 Tickets
• Sunday, February 23rd, 3:00 PM, St. Mary’s By-the-Sea, 146 12th Street and Central Ave., in Pacific Grove, CA, $20 / $22 Tickets
• Tuesday, February 25th, 8:00 PM, Cope-a-cabana, 433 S. Henry Ave., in San Jose, CA, $20 Cash at the Door for Reservations
• Wednesday, February 26th, 7:30 PM, Michael’s On Main, 2591 Main St, in Soquel, CA, $20 / $22 Tickets
• Thursday, February 27th, 7:30 PM, Palms Playhouse, 13 Main St., in Winters, CA, Tickets TBD.
• Friday, February 28th, 7:30 PM, Fraternal Order of Eagles, 210 N Corry St, in Fort Bragg, CA, $25 Tickets
• Saturday, February 29th, 8:00 PM, The Plough and Stars, 116 Clement Street, in San Francisco, CA, TBD Tickets
• Sunday, March 1st, 8:00 PM, Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo, in Berkeley, CA, TBD Tickets
• Tuesday, March 3rd, 7:00 PM, Grizzly Peak Winery, 1600 E Nevada St., in Ashland, OR, $20 Tickets
• Thursday, March 5th, 7:30 PM, The Triple Door in Seattle, WA, $25 Tickets
• Friday, March 6th, 7:00 PM, Sweet Spring House Concerts in Sequim, WA. Email
• Saturday, March 7th, 7:30 PM, Celtic Arts Foundation in Grand Mound, WA. Tickets
• Sunday, March 8th, 6:00 PM, Naval Elks Lodge in Port Angeles, WA.



Welcome to Tergistan!

Friday, February 28th, 8:00 PM

Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA

For the first time ever, the Tergis family is putting on a show featuring all of the siblings and their bands! That’s right, four siblings, four bands!

• Athena – Irish, Celtic, Scottish
• Lars – Turkish
• Benezra – Latin, Funk
• Sean – Balkan, Turkish

Tickets are $25 and are available on Eventbrite:

More Details on the Facebook Event:



The 34th Annual Sonora Celtic Faire

Friday, March 6th — Sunday, March 8th

Mother Lode Fairgrounds, 220 Southgate Dr., Sonora

Celebrating 34 Years of cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, and Wales in Sonora, CA the Sonora Celtic Faire gets bigger and better every year!

Here is their promotional video: 2019 Sonora Celtic Faire Promo — Joust.

This year the faire will present 8 stages of Celtic Music featuring: Skerryvore, Seven Nations, Celtica, Tempest, Molly’s Revenge, Black Irish Band, Brother, Michael Mullen, Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipes & Drums, Emerald Society Bagpipe Band and many more.


• Jousting on horseback from ‘Knights’ of Mayhem’ (as seen on History Channels, ‘Full Metal Joust’), and a large armor foot combat tournament, featuring over 30 competitors.
• Celtic living history area featuring over 800 costume performers acted out 2000 years of Celtic History!
• 100 + Celtic vendors, craftsman, and artisans showing they wares.
• Scottish Highland Competition Games and Scottish Bagpipe Bands, Celtic Clans, Irish dogs and more….
• Irish step Dancers and Scottish highland dancers.
• Traditional foods, Whiskies, and Ale.
• Jugglers, Magicians, fire-eaters, and a fire breathing dragon.


• Skerryvore
• Seven Nations
• Celtica
• Tempest
• Molly’s Revenge
• Black Irish Band
• Brother
• Michael Mullen
• Glenn Morgan
• Stag and Thistle Pipes & Drums
• Emerald Society Bagpipe Band
• MC Tony Serrano
• OM Tim Elsey

For complete details, show schedule and tickets, check


Irish Comedy

The Real Irish Comedy Festival

March 8th to March 17th, 2020

3/8 Santa Cruz | 3/10 Rohnert Park | 3/11 San Francisco | 3/12 San Jose
3/13 Carmel | 3/14 Pleasanton | 3/15 Walnut Creek | 3/17 Mill Valley

Celts love comedy. Ireland is famous for comedy, storytelling, having the craic and producing really great comedians, but they often don’t get the support they need in the US. The Real Irish Comedy Festival hopes to change that and will be running for the 2nd time this coming March. 

You can read more on them here in Irish Central.

Cities and Venues:

• Sunday March 8th, DNA’s Comedy Lab, Santa Cruz, CA, Click for Tickets. Use discount code ‘AmeriCeltic’ for 25% off.
• Tuesday March 10th, Sally Tomatoes, Sonoma County, CA, Click for Tickets
• Wednesday March 11th, The Independent, San Francisco, CA, Click for Tickets
• Thursday March 12th, The Improv, San Jose, CA, Click for Tickets. Use discount code ‘shamrockrunner’ for 50% off.
• Friday March 13th, Folktale Winery, Carmel, CA, Click for Tickets
• Saturday March 14th, The Firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, CA, Click for Tickets
• Sunday March 15th, The Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA, Click for Tickets
• Tuesday March 17th, The Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA, Click for Tickets

For more information visit their website here


A Statue for Ballybunion

New comedy featuring Bill Clinton’s historic visit to Ireland makes U.S. premiere

Playwright Tom McEnery comes to San Jose after a successful launch of his production in Dublin, Ireland

November 21, 2019, San Jose, CAKilnasheen Productions, in partnership with Guggenheim Entertainment and Buck Hill Productions, announces a new play penned by former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery. The original comedy, A Statue for Ballybunion, makes its U.S. premiere in San Jose after a successful world premiere in Dublin, Ireland.

A Statue for Ballybunion is based on the true story of a group of Ballybunion residents who hatch a cunning plan to unveil the world’s first statue to the leader of the free world – then U.S. president, William Jefferson Clinton.  However, well-publicized events in the Oval Office with a certain intern put his visit to ‘The Kingdom of Kerry’ in jeopardy. As if that were not enough, something unexpected has happened to the statue.  How will this affect events in Ballybunion as it awaits immortality on the world stage? As Bill Clinton himself said, ‘You just have to keep swinging and know it will all even out!’

Says Tom McEnery:
‘I am thrilled that A Statue for Ballybunion will have its American debut in my hometown of San Jose. My play tells a tale about how a town on the edge of the wild Atlantic fights for its self-respect and very survival. As in all such stories, there is real humor in the lives of its people and an ever-present and sorrowful past.’

The production will be directed by former San Jose Repertory Theatre Associate Artistic Director John McCluggage, a professional theatre artist with over 30 years of experience as a director and teaching artist. ‘I am very excited to present ‘A Statue for Ballybunion’ with Tom and the team at 3Below Theaters, as it’s a unique play given the facts and authenticity of the story,’ said McCluggage.

In addition, Santa Clara University faculty members Jerald Enos and Derek Duarte have been announced as Set Designer and Lighting Director, respectively. A Statue for Ballybunion will open on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2020, at 3Below Theaters & Lounge in downtown San Jose.

$45 – $55 – Get Tickets NOW!

Media Contact

NINICO Communications

Sarah Farrant |

Ashley Alexander |


Book GIF

Break Through your Ancestry Brick Walls!

A printable e-book
by Cecilia Fábos-Becker

Ancestry & DNA
Family History Research: Beyond the Basics

There are many good basic manuals, both in print and online, that can help you get started researching your ancestors and finding lost cousins, but in over fifty years of research into our own Scots-Irish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry, I’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t, as well as many useful sources and links.

Now, I have written a book, Ancestry & DNA – Beyond the Basics, to help you, and all Americans find their origins. My book will be especially useful to especially Celtic Americans doing family history research, and it is available for immediate download!

Celia 2016

Author Celia Fábos-Becker

My Book includes:

• Introduction to Family History Documents
• What are REAL Primary Sources?
• America’s Dark Age (1783 to 1850)
• Finding Family Records with online services
• Introduction to Family History DNA
• Using DNA Tests to help Find Family History
• How autosomal, MtDNA, or Y-DNA tests can help
• DNA Testing Company Reviews
• Loads of Examples

Download Ancestry & DNA – Beyond the Basics here:


AmeriCeltic Products

AmeriCeltic Logo Items

→ AmeriCeltic Logo Gifts! ←

Shirt, Hat, Mug, Apron or Patch


Celebrate your rich AmeriCeltic history and heritage in style and class and support AmeriCeltic by sporting a shirt, hat, mug, apron or patch, all except the mug, embroidered in full color with the AmeriCeltic logo! And don’t forget to give one to yourself!

Click Here for the full line-up of AmeriCeltic Logo items.

The AmeriCeltic logo, styled like a coat of arms, commemorates your MIXED, Scots, Irish, Welsh Celtic American heritage! Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the thirteen colonies of mostly Scots, Scots-Irish, Irish and Welsh who joined with many others from many other countries, and together fought tyranny to assert our Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Click for more information about the AmeriCeltic Logo design


Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant
Across from Apple Park

Breaking News at The Duke

The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant

10801 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino, CA, 11:30am – 2:00am every day of the year

Publican Carlos and his partners have an announcement to make! Many of you have heard the rumors about the at The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant. To paraphrase Sam Clemons, aka Mark Twain:

The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!
For details, Watch the official Video!

The Duke is, and will remain, THE only Authentic, (and we do mean AUTHENTIC!), British Pub in the Bay Area, located across the street from Apple Headquarters on Wolfe Road in Cupertino.

The atmosphere at the ‘The Duke‘, is the same as you would find in any pub in the British Isles, full of friendly patrons who come in to socialize, play darts, have a pint or two, and eat a meal. If you are looking for a comfortable elegance, pints of beer and authentic food, in an authentic English Pub, there is no a better choice in the Bay Area. The Duke offers a large number of beers on draft and by the bottle. Almost anything English, Scottish or Irish is available. Murphy’s Irish Stout brewed in Cork, Ireland and Scotch Eggs is always a good choice.

The servers are excellent and very knowledgeable about the beer and food menu. The menu is expansive and worth exploring. The dark pubsy feel with old regulars in their respective, but not crowded corners around lunch hour in Cupertino, is a great boon.

You can’t find more ‘authentic’ atmosphere, because the entire building was built in jolly old England, then disassembled, shipped and reassembled on site in Cupertino. With the red velvet seating and wall paper and ornate, dim lighting, you are transported to London as soon as you enter the etched glass door.

More info. on The Duke Facebook Page, website or call 408-446-3853.


Lark In The Morning SF Store

New Lark In The Morning Store in San Francisco

Lark In The Morning Stores in Berkeley and San Francisco

Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 6 PM
Sundays, noon – 5:00 PM

Lark In The Morning, 830 Gilman St, Berkeley
and soon in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco

Eric says:
“We’re soft-opening a new location at 814 Clement Street in San Francisco, (currently Exploring Music). So far, this new store only has a sampling of the instruments available in our Berkeley location, but we’re slowly adding more as we reconfigure the space.”

Thorn Land and Eric Azumi
Lark in the Morning Store, Berkeley

Lark in the Morning has been a folk musician’s favorite since 1974 and has musical instruments and instructional material from all over the world.

Shop online at, call us at 707-964-5569, or check out our Facebook Page



Plough and Stars Honored

Added to SF Legacy Business Registry

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, 116 Clement Street at 2nd Avenue, San Francisco

The Plough & Stars is thrilled to announce we’ve been honored with ‘Legacy’ status as an historic asset to the city by the San Francisco Office of Small Business … Join us for great music & the best Guinness pint in town.

What a diverse and vibrant mix of businesses added to the Legacy Business Registry yesterday! Join us in congratulating Babylon Burning, the Lab SF, The Mindful Body, The Plough and Stars and Slim’s! Thank you for your commitment and service to our communities.

The Plough and Stars (116 Clement St): An Irish pub and known gathering place for the Irish community for over 40 years. The bar showcases musicians across genres and maintains a tradition for over 35 years of hosting seisiúns, informal Irish jam sessions. Stop by for a perfectly-poured Guinness and see why?? they’ve been voted Best Irish Bar by SF Weekly.

I would like to thank all the Musicians who have played in the Plough. Without their contributions this would not have happened — Sean Heaney

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, is known around the world for hosting incredible Irish music and pulling beautiful pints of Guinness since 1975. Since then, it has evolved to host live music every night of the week, except Monday, including all genres of music; Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Zydeco, acoustic Americana, and of course, Irish Traditional.

The first Saturday is always Americana Jukebox and every third Friday is Bluegrass Bonanza! We welcome you to stop in for a drink and try our famous, award winning pints of Guinness, or indulge in any of our other specials. We host Happy Hour all day every Monday with free pool, and the first Monday of the month has a Pub Quiz at 8:30 PM. Check out our website for a full calendar of events!

For a video of a Plough session from 2014, Click Here.

For more about the Plough, check, call 415-751-1122, or email Sean Heaney at



The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant

198 5th St, San Francisco

The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, is a bustling SoMa spot with Irish pub grub & beers on tap plus sports on the satellite TV.

This local Irish Pub brings the culture of Ireland to San Francisco, offering a full bar, Happy Hour specials, and a full Irish restaurant menu, including favorites like fish and chips which goes with any style of sport, music or fun.

‘I am in the city every 2-3 months and The Chieftain is an absolutely integral part of every trip. Mark runs an amazing, authentic Irish pub. Major plus, the only place I know of in northern California to get Kilkenny!!’

‘Walked in, Saturday night about 7pm and there was a table right inside the door. We had a shepherds pie and an Irish stew. The shepherds pie was actually made with lamb! The live music was great entertainment too!’

For a video of some the Chieftain’s food menu, Click Here.

The Chieftain hosts live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Click Here for the current schedule! The live Irish traditional music and song session every Sunday evening is always great Craic! Here is a sample Irish Session from 2009: Live Irish Session at the Chieftain.

For the latest happenings, check the Chieftain facebook Page, or call 415-625-0436, or email Mark Nagle at or check


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