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—Celtic Heros—


Twenty (20) GREAT tracks
from Regional Celtic Artists:

Molly’s Revenge
Wake the Dead
Catherine John
Erica & Friends
Lee Corbie-Wells
Moonshine Jelly
Kaptain Bottletop
Erin Ruth Thompson & David Chadwick
Black Brothers Band with Erin Ruth Thompson
Black Brothers Band
AmeriCeltic Band
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Celtic Heros

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Celtic Heroes II

Celtic Heroes II Album Details

Our Celtic Hero II’s album (no limits!) contains these Thirteen (17) GREAT tracks from our regional Celtic Artists:

Track, Band/Performers, Title, (Composer)

  1. Michael and Shay Black – The Man From the Daily Mail (Words: Peadar Mac Ghiolla Chearra / Music: Percy French, OR Seán O’Casey, 1918)
  2. Michael and Shay Black – Exile’s Return (John Doyle)
  3. The Black Irish Band – Garryowen/Irish Washerwomen (Traditional)
  4. The Black Irish Band – Star of County Down (Traditional)
  5. Celia Ramsay – Heid Horseman (Lyrics – Violet Jacob (1915), Music, Celia Ramsay)
  6. Celia Ramsay – Jiggery Pokery/Slippery Slope (Celia Ramsay)
  7. Margaret Davis – The Boatman/Fear a’ Bhàta (Lyrics – Jean/Finlayson/Sìne NicFhionnlaigh of Lewis, ~1885)
  8. Margaret & Kristoph – The Lark in the Morning (Traditional)
  9. Margaret & Kristoph – Dever the Dancer/Humours of Derrycrosane (Traditional)
  10. The Fire – Oswald West / All My Friends / Goodbye Eugene (Adam Hendey)
  11. The Fire – The Laird of Foveran/Pearlin Peggy’s Bonny/Tha mo rùn, tha mo rùn (Yes my love, yes my love)/Seme Rune Tallanach (Traditional)
  12. Kyle Alden – Gates of the Day (Lyrics – adapted from the poem by W.B. Yeats)
  13. Kyle Alden – Two Songs for the Sake of the Tune (Lyrics – adapted from the poem by W.B. Yeats)
  14. Amelia Hogan – All the Birds Did Sing (Traditional tune with Lyrics by Daibhidh Stiubhard)
  15. Amelia Hogan – What Will We Do When We Have No Money (Traditional Traveller Song)
  16. Erica and Friends – Farewell Farewell (Richard Thompson)
  17. Erica and Friends – Garden Valley (Dougie MacLean)
  18. Tempest – One For The Fiddler (Sorbye/Mullen)
  19. Tempest – You Jacobites By Name (Robert Burns)


Michael and Shay Black The Man From the Daily Mail and Exile’s Return, are from their new album Glackanacker, which is is attributed as follows – Musicians: John Doyle, Felim Egan, Rick Epping, Eamonn Flynn, Mick McAuley, John McCusker, Mike McGoldrick, Colm O’Riain, Duncan Wickel. Singers: Ciara Black, Frances Black, Martin Black, Mary Black, Shosi Black, Róisín O, Ari Ríos, Aoife Scott, Eoghan Scott. Website
The Black Irish Band Garryowen/Irish Washerwomen and Star of County Down, Patrick Michael Karnahan, banjo, melodeon, octave mandolin, trumpet, guitar, concertina, french horn, vocals, Steve McArthur, banjo, guitar, accordion, mandola, piano, vocals, James Dean Nelson banjo, guitar, vocals, and Stan Emmons, acoustic bass, vocals. Website
Celia Ramsay: Heid Horseman Celia Ramsay, piano/harmonium/vocals. Jiggery Pokery/Slippery Slope Richard Mandel, guitar, Autumn Rhodes, concertina/flute, Celia Ramsay, shruti box Website

Margaret Davis vocals, Celtic harp, flute, recorders. Kristoph Klover vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, whistle. ‘The Boatman’ is from Margaret’s solo album Princess of Flowers. ‘The Lark in the Morning’ and ‘Dever the Dancer/Humours of Derrycrosane’ are from the Margaret & Kristoph album The True Lover’s Return. Donate at Website

The Fire is Rebecca Lomnicky, fiddle, David Brewer, pipes, whistles, and bodhràn, and Adam Hendey, guitar. Website
Kyle Alden Gates of the Day and Two Songs for the Sake of the Tune are both from the new album, Fables, which is is attributed as follows – Kyle Alden, guitars, bass, mandolin, vocals, keyboards, Rob Hooper, drums, Kelly Atkins, vocals, Rebecca Richman, concertina, and on Gates of the Day, joined by Shay Black and Michael Black, vocals. Website
Amelia Hogan, vocal and arrangements is accompanied on What Will We Do When We Have No Money by Ray Frank, guitar and co-producer. Website
Erica and Friends two tracks are both from their album Hillside Avenue, featuring Erica Hockett, vocals, bodhrán and arrangements, Troy Dillinger, accordion, Chris Hammond, guitar, and Anne Bingham Goess on violin and vocals. On Farewell Farewell Anne plays viola, and Gawain Mathews is on mandolin. On Garden Valley Anne plays whistle and Lucas Gonze is on mandolin. Facebook Page
Tempest both One For The Fiddler and You Jacobites By Name were recorded live at WCBE Studios in Columbus, OH, in April 1999 and appear on the new album Live On The Air with Lief Sorbye on lead vocals, & mandolins, Michael Mullen on fiddle & harmony vocals, Adolfo Lazo on drums, Todd Evans on guitar, and John Land on bass & harmony vocals. Website

—¡Fandango Bragh!—

Catherine John


¡Fandango Bragh!, is an album of Irish-Mexican musical fusion by Irish and Mexican fiddler, jarana and Mariachi performer Catherine John, in collaboration with Roxanne Oliva (accordion), Rita Thies (flute, saxophone), Dolores Garcia (vocals, jarana, pandero), Nydia Gonzalez (vocals, harp, zapateado), Kyle Alden (guitar), Preston Howard (uilleann pipes). Click Here for a preview listen to ¡Fandango Bragh!

—The Deal—

Wake the Dead

WakeTheDeadFall2017 4

Thanks to Wake the Dead, the World’s Only Celtic All-Star/Deadhead Fusion Band for being AmeriCeltic’s #1 musical supporter!
Well known for weaving jigs and reels into the songs of the Grateful Dead, this hot Bay Area acoustic sextet now Celtifies the entire Summer of Love including the Airplane, Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield and even the Beatles. Click Here for video samples, including Waiting For Snow / Darkness Darkness / Reel Mattawa Live versions from The Deal

—Trio Of One—

Michael Mullen


Always immediate and created fresh, the masterful Michael Mullen makes live looping an art form. In Trio of One, the talented Michael Mullen brings to life the music of his Celtic roots, creating a full reel and jig-blasting band in front of your eyes. In the end, you’ll understand why his old Tempest mates dubbed him The Mad Fiddler

Click Here for video samples, including Michael’s new looping single John Barley Corn

—Songs of the Sea—



This unique sea music collection includes traditional Celtic and Afro-Carribean sea chanteys, Scottish boat songs, sea-themed sailors’ ballads, Irish pub songs, Canadian folk rock, instrumental water music, and one original sailor song. Click Here for video samples, including Charmas top rated single Bluenose, the great Stan Rogers hit.

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—ALL SIX ALBUMS & the AmeriCeltic Book or Patch!—

Celtic Heroes I Album Details

Our Celtic Hero I’s album (no limits!) contains these Twenty (20) GREAT tracks from our regional Celtic Artists:

Celtic Heros

Performers – Track(s) (Composer) Comment

Molly’s Revenge – The Girls of Balladoole/Sweeny’s Buttermilk/Maids in the Meadow (Traditional)
Mason-Weed – The Farmer’s Cursed Wife (Traditional)
Mullen-Jones Project – Drowsy Maggie (Traditional)
Mullen-Jones Project – Saint Anne’s Reel (Traditional)
Wake the Dead – Cumberland Blues (Hunter/Garcia/Lesh) / Mind the Gap (Carnahan)
Catherine John – O’Neill’s / La Bamba (Traditional) From her album ¡Fandango Bragh!
Catherine John – Polkas – La Cacahuata (Luis Guerrero) / The Little Diamond (Traditional) From her album ¡Fandango Bragh!
Erica & Friends – Streets of Derry (Traditional)
Erica & Friends – Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny)
Lee Corbie-Wells & Erica Hockett – Four Loom Weaver (Traditional)
Lee Corbie-Wells – O Luaidh (O Love) (Traditional) Sung in Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig)
Moonshine Jelly – Crakan (Lee Corbie-Wells)
Kaptain Bottletop – The Blackest Crow (Traditional)
Erin Ruth Thompson & David Chadwick – Raglan Road (Patrick Kavanagh/Luke Kelly)
Erin Ruth Thompson & David Chadwick – Miles Away (Erin Ruth Thompson)
Black Brothers Band with Erin Ruth Thompson – Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
Black Brothers Band – Farewell Friends (Pete Sutherland)
Black Brothers Band – Sailing to Libertys Sweet Shore (John Doyle)
Anne Bingham Goess & Thomas Lindemuth – The Broad Stream (Anne Bingham Goess) From their album ‘Letters from Abroad’
AmeriCeltic Band – The Old Dun Cow caught fire (William Henry Crump aka Harry Champion, 1893)

Band Lineups:

Molly’s Revenge: David Brewer, (bagpipes, whistles, bodhrán), Stuart Mason (guitar, cittern, vocals), John Weed, (fiddle). Website
Mason-Weed: John Weed, (fiddle), Stuart Mason (guitar, mandola). Website
Mullen Jones Project: Greg Jones, (guitar) and Michael Mullen, (violin). Facebook
Wake The Dead: Danny Carnahan (vocals, fiddle, octave mandolin), Sylvia Herold (vocals, guitar), Paul Kotapish (vocals, mandolin), Kevin Carr (uilleann pipes, fiddle), Cindy Browne (bass) and Brian Rice (exotic percussion). Website
Catherine John ¡Fandango Bragh!: Catherine John (violin, jarana), Roxanne Oliva (accordion), Rita Thies (flute, saxophone), Dolores Garcia (vocals, jarana, pandero), Nydia Gonzalez (vocals, harp, zapateado), Kyle Alden (guitar), Preston Howard (uilleann pipes). Website
Erica & Friends: Erica Hockett (Vocals/Bodhrán), Anne Bingham Goess (Violin/Vocals), Troy Dillinger (Accordion/Vocals), Chris Hammond (Guitar/Vocals). Facebook
Lee Corbie-Wells / Moonshine Jelly: Lee Corbie-Wells, (violin, vocals) & Kent Kessinger, (guitar). Website
Kaptain Bottletop: Lee Corbie-Wells, (violin, vocals), David Boyden, (violin, hardingfele) Website
Erin Ruth Thompson & David Chadwick: Erin Ruth Thompson (vocals, guitar), David Chadwick, (mandolin). YouTube
Black Brothers Band: Shay Black (guitar, vocals), Michael Black (banjo, cittern, vocals), Bobbi Nikles, (fiddle). Website
Anne Bingham Goess & Thomas Lindemuth: Anne Bingham Goess (piano, violin), Suellen Primost (cello), Thomas Lindemuth (accordion). Website
AmeriCeltic Band: Tony Becker (guitar, vocals), Rob Godfrey (fiddle), Kris Anderson (guitar).