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Here are some selected photos from the following American Families.

We are constantly adding new Pictures of earlier families and individuals.

I have many more individuals` Pictures in my files

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Family History Pictures
Becker1972 Cecilia Fabos and husband Anthony Becker 1972
Collins1883 Susanna Poindexter Guinn Bradley wife of Reuben Bradley 1883 after death of first child surviving child Claude Bradley
Collins1935 George Collins and Second Wife
Collins1935 Jessie Collins at Work
Collins1935 Jessie Collins Wallace and Children
Collins1935 Jessie Collins Wallace and Daughters
Collins1947 George Collins Daughter Nina
Collins1979 Susanna Poindexter Guinn Bradley and Reuben Bradley Wedding Day 21 Sep 1879
Dark1879 Nancy Ellen Dunlap Dark Guinn 21Sep1879
Dark1880 Sterling Dark
Dark1891 Nancy Ellen Dunlap Guinn Dark 1891
Dark1905 Amy Martha and Angeline Daughters of John Dark
Dark1914 Martha Ellen Dark 1914 in Yakima Costume
Dark1920 John Dark with Daughter Angeline 1920
Dark1939 John Dark with Daughters 1939
Fabos1946 John G Fabos 1946 Little Rock
Fabos1978 Nannette Fabos daughter Talena
Wallace1933 William T Wallace Jessie L Collins Wallace 1933 Los Angeles
Wallace1935 Frank and William Wallace
Wallace1935 Wilma Wallace Aged 13
Wallace1939 Wilma Wallace Aged 16
Wallace1940 Wilma Wallace singer 1940
Wallace1942 Wilma Wallace WAVE 1942
Wallace1944 Wilma Wallace WAVE 1944
Wallace1945 Wilma Wallace WAVE 1945
Wallace1971 Wilma Wallace daughter Catherine son in law Douglas Poletti husband John Fabos 21June1971
Wallace1972 Cecilia Fabosand husband Anthony Becker 1972
Wallace1980 Celia Fabos Becker 1980
Wallace1984 Jodie Poletti 1984
Wallace2004 Catherine Fabos 2004
Wallace2004 Jodie Poletti husband Chris Looka 2004
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